Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hey Jude

Truly the saddest part about my lack of blogging this year is this awesome little guy has not been accurately documented.

Jude is just the best kid.  He is my sweet, giggly mush ball of awesomeness.  He makes our lives so happy.  I really wish I would have done a better job of documenting all of his awesome moments.  But hopefully instead of documenting, I was just enjoying all of  your glorious moment Jude.  Here's a few tidbits about my baby stud.

Jude is the king of cuddles.  Sometimes this guy just needs some time cuddling with mom.  He loves stories right before nap and bed.  He prefers mom reads them but Dad, Scarlet and Rhode have taken turns and he just happily sits and listens to every tale.  When you ask him how many books he wants to read, his standard answer is "5".

He is such a smiley guy.  He says hello and goodbye to everyone and everything.  "Hi doggy"  "Bye bye store"  As you can imagine, everywhere we go there are people sighing telling me how cute that just was.  It doesn't get old either.

This boy would spend every minute of his time at the park on the swing if I could talk myself into pushing him that long.  Thank goodness for Scarlet who should earn sister of the year entirely for her time spent pushing this guy.

He loves hats.  Loves them so much.  I really should own more for him... but when he gets his hands on one, he will wear it all day long.  Helmets, head bands, hard hats, baseball caps, doesn't matter.  He digs them.

Jude is a little guppy.  He loves the water.  He loves putting on his life jacket and the run diving into the nearest water source.  Luckily for this mom, he is at least aware that he needs his life jacket.  All summer he just cruised up and down the pools, following his siblings with his kicking feet and scooping arms.  He occasionally hops out and then cannon balls back in just as quickly.  Such a water guy.

Doesn't he look so big with a haircut?  This kid also potty trained at 21 months after only about a day of me half trying to teach him.  And not only did he start peeing in the potty basically of his own accord, but from day one was potty trained during naps and night too.  I have saved a fortune on Pull ups with this one.  

I also picked up one of those amber teething necklaces on Amazon really cheap one day.  It is supposed to help with teething because amber is a pain reliever... or something witch doctory like that.  I'm not a big believer that it worked any great miracles, but he loved that necklace so much. And I thought it just looked adorable on him.  He wore it 24/7 for months and months before he decided to move on.  

Jude is everyone's favorite at the moment because he is just sweetness personified.  Even his tantrums are adorably sweet.  He probably won't turn out very well as we dote on him entirely too much.  But we just can't help ourselves.  Who could?

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