Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Some good old ML Time

Sometime during TD season, the kids and I road tripped up to Moses Lake.  We got to hang out with Courtney and Dean as well so double awesome bonus.  I even got to babysit Dean for a day.    I am the best babysitting aunt ever.  I bathed him, taught him how to hold his own bottle, 

 and even sent his mom fun selfies so she would know how good I was doing.

 On the way up, it snowed in Utah while we stayed in our hotel.  My kids were severely underdressed... and severely dramatic about it.

We got to stop at a beautiful park and there was a lake full of goslings.  They were the cutest.
 Well... almost the cutest thing in the park.

 Jude and Dean were great buddies.  Well as much as any kids their age are buddies.  A few great moments, a few toy stealing moments, a few face grabbing moments.  Ya know, the usual.

My kids and I took a little trip downtown to see all that Moses Lake had to offer.  It didn't take long.  But we found this fun stage and my kids performed for me a routine of their own creation titled "Ice Cream."

This was a later trip to ML when I taped the recital but a great weekend with Courtney and my mom.  Love hanging out with these guys, even when we spend the whole time running and doing.

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