Monday, December 30, 2013

Jude-a Buddha

I have started to write about my little guy so many times and have never gotten around to finishing a post and this post is already totally outdated.

But my little guy is just too awesome to not be remembered in his babyness.  So, understanding that this post is about last month current, I am going to share all things Jude.

Two month old Jude is a big ball of chubby love.  He sleeps at least six hours straight at night (sometimes up to eight) and takes at least one long nap a day.

He loves watching his brothers and sister play and I can usually get some good happy awake time from him.  Really I could probably get a lot of happy awake time but at some point Rhode and Scarlet get all too close to his face and shout really loud or Asher does something violent to the dude.  I think we are finally out of the biting the baby phase... please let us be out of that phase...

He reminds me so much of Scarlet as a baby.  Size, facial features, temperament, pointy elf ears...
At his 2 month appointment, which happened a week or so after he turned two months old, he weighed in at just a little over 15 pounds.  Scarlet was only 13 pounds at her 2 month appointment but jumped up to 16 by her 3 month appointment.  I know... bunch of little fatties.  

He has just wispy hair on his head but he has the craziest long hairs on the rim of his ear.  It looks like long hairs peeking up from his head... but no.  They are attached to the ear.  I am talking a good 1/2 inch long.

He loves his sling just like his brothers before him.  I frequently throw him in the sling and go on a little walk around my kitchen or out the front door for a little peace and quiet and the kid will be out in seconds.

When he is awake in the sling, he loves to push his hands against me so he can be far enough back to look at my face.  Big wide eyes and chubby cheeks staring up at you from against your chest = heaven on earth.

He is generally a very happy kid but I have definitely had to learn his quirky little tricks to keep him that way.  And he likes to switch things up every now and again.  Some days he is all about the morning nap.  Some days, a 20 minute doze will do.  He likes to be swaddled in his car seat but not at home.  And no blankets please, he prefers his sleepers.  There has been much trial and error involved but the home runs are more frequent these days.
His eyes still have a little bit of blue in them but they are mostly grey and probably on their way to hazel green or brown.

They told me at the hospital that he was a little tongue tied (Scarlet was too) but unlike Scarlet, this kid loves his tongue and has it out of his mouth frequently.  No problems nursing either, his cheeks don't lie.
He has exceptionally delicious baby rolls.  I love them so so much.
Seriously, the best.
Check out those thighs!  They are even bigger now.  They are awesome.

He is pretty consistent in his long stretch at night but getting him to go down at night can be time consuming.  His favorite bed time is about 10 p.m.  He also prefers to have one formula bottle before bed.  This has become less frequent recently but for a long time he would drink 2 - 3 oz of formula at night and then nurse to sleep about 30 minutes afterward.  Big dude needs a ton of food I guess.
He makes the best faces.  Ever.
Jude only poops once or twice a week.  Like there already wasn't enough to love about this kid.
At his first pediatrician appointment, the doctor noticed a click in his hip and had me take him in for an ultrasound.  Its never fun to hear there might be anything wrong with your baby, but even in the worst case scenario, he would only have to wear a hip brace to make sure it grew in correctly.
We asked our extended family to keep Jude in their prayers as we went to the appointment, and they found nothing wrong with his hip.  Awesome blessing.
Scarlet and Rhode are really good helpers.  It has been a battle to train them to give him a little more personal space, but they are so eager to hold him and love on him, not to mention fetching things he needs.  They have also really helped with Asher when my hands are full.  They make having four young children totally doable.
Jude is my first baby that really loves tummy time.  He started holding his head up like this really early, like just over 6 weeks I think.
He makes this face at me frequently.  My closest baby interpretation is something like, "I want something to be put in my mouth."
He's a keeper.


Mindy said...

He is a keeper. He is adorable!

lenrico said...

So that I get to hold him at book club.

Julianna Earl said...

Loved this post! And love Jude :)

stout family said...

Love it! I am super jealous of the baby fat...Dixie is not keeping up with my previous 3!! Can't wait to see that super-chunk (and maybe the rest of you) in a few weeks!!

stout family said...

Love it! I am super jealous of the baby fat...Dixie is not keeping up with my previous 3!! Can't wait to see that super-chunk (and maybe the rest of you) in a few weeks!!

Kristy said...

He does make some awesome faces.

David Earl said...

It's so fun to have a male version of Scarlet! He is so cuddly and sweet. What a gem!

Katie said...

He is darling! I LOVE the photo of you and Jude in the sling. That's a keeper. I think our little chubbies would be great friends. They seem to share a lot of similarities, but I wish Jude could teach Everett to also go for a long stretch at night. Even the addition of rice cereal and oatmeal hasn't seemed to help in that department.