Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

And after all of the excitement* (*stress) that comes with traveling, we suddenly found ourselves back home all by our lonesome on Christmas Eve Eve.  We spent a very unfun day dedicated to laundry and cleaning and last minute grocery shopping since there wasn't a drop of edible food in the house.

I had to remind myself every few minutes that Christmas was happening the next day.  I hadn't come up with any good meals to eat, I had absolutely nothing wrapped and nothing to wrap it with.  I was halfway through Christmas Eve before I remembered that my kids were supposed to be opening their new pajamas shortly.  But the show must go on, and like all good productions, all my behind the scenes craziness stayed behind the scenes.

Christmas pajamas were opened and enjoyed

Two children posing without prompting.
One child happily hanging with mom on the couch.
And one other inexplicably missing.  I can't remember exactly what was going down with Asher but I can promise you it involved whining, angry no's, and probably destruction of property in some form or another.  Santa was REAL forgiving to that kid this year.

Mom and dad had given the kids a trip to Hawaii for Christmas so our only gifts under the tree this year were from Santa.  We got up at midnight, hid in our spots and were lucky enough to catch him again this year.  Even Asher was extra quiet this time and we didn't get caught.  Santa was extremely generous to our kids.

Scarlet got several fun arts and craft kits, which have been used to create several different types of art and have provided her ample supplies for playing school with her brothers.

  She also got her first Nutcracker, which she could not love more.
Rhode got his first Lego set, a castle and dragon variety.  Scarlet, Jon and Rhode had some bonding time putting the whole thing together.
He also got his first basketball, as he started his first basketball season last week.

Oh look!  Here's Asher's Christmas pajamas!  Asher got a big ol' dinosaur for Christmas, or as he would put it, a "T-wex!"  His new buddy roars, shakes his tail, moves his head and even walks.  Thanks to some help from Scarlet, he named his new buddy Screamy.. which in 2 year old sounds a lot like Creamy.

Creamy was a big hit, until our early morning rising got the best of Asher.  While sitting on my lap in a half asleep state, Screamy started walking in our direction.  "Mom, creamy likes me!"  he said.  ((Roar!)) "But mom, I don't like creamy..."

Screamy enjoyment continued shortly after a good Christmas nap.

And this little guy, arguably the most well behaved of the bunch this year, got nothin' for Christmas.

He didn't seem to mind.

He enjoyed the festivities anyway.
It was a good day.

And shortly after Christmas we sent out these Christmas cards.  I wasn't sure one is allowed to use the word "crotch" in a Christmas letter, but Jon assured me that it was okay.  

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David Earl said...

Oh how we missed you guys at Christmas! Definitely poor planning on all of our parts!!