Friday, December 20, 2013

Hawaii Christmas 2013 - Part 2 Adventure Time

Though extremely satisfied with some good old resort living, we did occasionally hop in the car and explore the rest of the island.  Our first adventure was a hike up Diamond Head.

 It was an exceptionally warm day.  We had left a very cold Las Vegas and the sun felt pretty darn good.  It made hiking with a baby strapped to me a tad bit sweaty though...
 I really felt like most of the vacation looked like this picture.  This is my husband, the adventurer.  And here's me, post baby body, with one kid strapped to my chest and the other pulling on my arm.  But heck, even at it's craziest moments I was still in Hawaii, ya know?
 The view from the top
 We had some good hikers.  Asher got a ride most of the way up and down but Scarlet and Rhode did some intensive stair climbing to make it all the way up there.

 I love this picture.

We considered attempting a day at the Polynesian Cultural Center... but decided to save that adventure for future years.  Instead we took a trip to the Dole Plantation.

 We took a ride on the Pineapple Express and saw how lots of different plants were grown on the island.
 And then we made our way through the most legit maze I have ever seen in real life.

The maze was huge and all kinds of confusing.  They had 8 different stations set up through it that you had to find and mark your little paper with.  We all divided into pairs and headed into the maze to see who could get done the fastest.  We roped Jon with Asher to give all the rest of us a fighting chance.  Even after some of the couples got a hold of some maps, they still couldn't find all of the stations.

And some gave up early so they could enjoy another round of Dole Whips.  Hard to blame them.

But my competitive side just couldn't give up.  And even with Jude strapped to my chest.  I came in a very respectable second place, just losing to Jon by mere minutes.

And our last adventure of the trip was to this lookout.

The view looked like this

And from a distance, our group looked like this.

But in all honesty, most of our vacation felt like this...

Still smiling!  Stay tuned for our Oahu beach misadventures.

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Kristy said...

Breaking a flip flop was worth the dole whip. I want another one.