Tuesday, September 11, 2012

When you give your grammy a camera...

she's gonna want to take a lot of pictures. 

When she takes a lot of pictures, there's gonna be a lot that turn out well.

And then you're gonna want to post way too many of them on one blog entry.

We got to spend a few days pre-reunion in Moses Lake which were mostly spent planning the reunion.  But we got to escape one afternoon and spend some good quality time at the Aquatic Center.

The best part about having the sole grandchildren is there are lots of helping hands.  These came in very handy.  I spent the first part of my time with Asher.

We spent a good chunk of time on the octopus slide.  He dug it.

Now this picture may seem a little odd. You may be thinking, "Why is Kacey open mouth kissing her son?"  There is a very good reason.  When you go in close lipped, he bites.  Hard.  From the first tooth it has been the case.  He's weird, but I love him enough to go in for the good kiss.

We even had a few good rides around the lazy river.

And then Asher found other capable hands so mom could have some more fun.

I got to fit in a few good pirate slides with Rhode, but he had the most fun with his aunt Kendall.

This is my favorite one.  This just looks like captured fun.

Here's Kendall's Sports Illustrated cover.


I wasn't kidding about the picture overload.

Scarlet was the rock star of the day though.  

She started out her day with a few rides down the blue slides.  The height limit was 48", I thought it was 42" when she headed for the line.  Luckily, she stood up really straight when getting measured and barely made the cut.  But, wow she is tall.


She raced grandpa down the blue slides and then a few times around the lazy river.

And then she decided to up her game.  She took a ride down this slide...

And then off the diving board.

And then she talked Grammy into a Scarlet only photo shoot.  

It went something like this:

"Grammy, how about a picture of me next to this?"


"Is this a good pose?"

"And I can jump in!  Did you see this Grammy!  Hold on, I'll do it again."

At this point, Grammy suggested they head in, since the rest of us had moved on to dinner.

"But Grammy we can get some good shots over here."

"Make sure to get my treasure in the picture.  Can you see it?  Are you sure?"

She has a really good Grammy.

And a day that ends with the Taco Shop is one I can always be on board with.

 Okay the reunion is really next this time.  No kidding.


Kendall said...

You can always put that many pictures up! I love picture overloads! Especially when I made it into so many of them...

Katie said...

I personally loved the picture overload. And what the heck?! Moses Lake has a lazy river now? That's amazing! Where was that when I was a kid. Scarlet's bravery astounds me. The pics of Rhode and Kendall are by far my favorite. They perfectly capture the love of an aunt for her nephew.

Peggy Dee said...

When you have such great subjects, you're bound to get a whole lotta good pictures. Sue me!