Tuesday, September 25, 2012

On Guard at Grammys

One more Moses Lake reunion story to share.  Jon left right after the reunion and headed back to Las Vegas.  The kids and I stuck around for a few days and then drove to Utah for Brad's wedding.  Jon spent a great deal of time gathering all of the ropes from his Amazing Race ropes course, looping, tying them up and getting them all put away.

One afternoon, while enjoying a little backyard time, my kids decided the ropes were not serving their true purpose in their neat pile.  I did not see any of their construction until they were done.  Here is their final product.

And to explain their self-constructed ropes course, a note.

  It says, "If you come in you will see dark in the house.  We roped outside you might trip in all the roped side.  By Scarlet and Rhode

Grammy's very own burglar trap.

The next morning, Scarlet asked if robber had come during the night.  When I assured her they hadn't, her face was pure satisfaction.

On one hand, sad that the fear of robbers still exists.

On the other, proud that they have decided to face their fears and show them who's boss.

On the other other hand, sure wish those ropes had a self winding feature...


Kylie said...

You forgot the part where they turned off every single light in the whole house haha hence the, "you will see darkness". Your kids are so great.

Peggy Dee said...

It was "Home Alone - the Prequel"! The notes were too cute!!

Kristy said...

Best note ever. I like how the writing was in columns.

Kendall said...

This is probably my favorite story from the whole reunion! They are so funny!