Sunday, September 30, 2012

Aunt Jules is getting married!

After months and months and months of waiting, my children's dreams and wishes finally came true.  Their Aunt Jules got married.  

And finally became their Aunt Jules.  Uncle Brad, who has always been their uncle, got married too, they think.  

They first met their Aunt Jules when Brad brought her down for a Vegas getaway very early on in their relationship.  My kids were instant fans.  About a month after their visit, Rhode came downstairs one day and said, "Mom, when is Aunt Julie going to come see us again?"

I was so confused... my kids haven't seen my aunt Julie in a long time, where was this coming from?  Then he clarified, the one that came with Uncle Brad.  

"Oh, guys, she isn't your aunt.  She is just Brad's friend."  They gave me a wary look, I think they knew the future of Brad and Jules even before Brad did!

Jules had some really fun ideas for my kid's wedding outfits.  We were going to go a little gatsby style.  And since my kids were the only ones in the wedding, I had a lot of freedom and I took it and ran with it.

And I think they turned out as well as I had imagined (what a rare thing right?)

The boy's outfits came together quickly.  I bought the pants for them at DI and just took in the bottom to make them into knickers.  I made the ties and the suspenders and picked up the hats at H & M (the only two in the whole store and they were the two sizes I needed, the fates were with me!)

Scarlet's dress was a tad bit more work.  It started out as a $5 thrift store find.

I cut the main part of the dress out of the skirt.  I then took off the top shoulder ruffle and used it as my ruffle at the bottom of the dress and added the yellow from the boy's tie fabric.  

I had to teach her how to sit in it because it got a little leggy when she sat down.  But wow, we both just love that little dress.

Then my kids had to wait and wait for the wedding day to finally get here.  They begged to put back on their wedding clothes, they tried to pack for our trip several different times, but still the day would not come.

One day while discussing our soon to be new aunt, Scarlet and Rhode tried to figure out what they were going to call her once she was finally their aunt.  Her full name is Julianna, so they played with Aunt Julianna, Auntie Jules etc.

Then Rhode's face perked up and he suggested, "What about Juli-aunt?"  

Jules laughed at that one and said they could call her whatever they wanted.  She is going to be an awesome aunt.

And then it was finally wedding day!

Grammy asked Scarlet to take this picture, assuming it would be a fun thing for her to do.  Whoda thought she'd get such a winning shot?

She totally fits in to the group huh?

Our dresses had some odd quirks, tight in strange places, baggy in others.  But we got so many compliments walking around temple square and we had a LOT of random people taking pictures of our wedding party.  Several people even asked my kids to pose for them while they snapped a shot.  I am pretty sure that was a compliment...

 Beautiful day. Seriously beautiful bride.  Beautiful wedding. Beautiful reception.  Semi-well behaved kids (Asher, as you can tell from lack of pictures of him, struggled a bit).  It was all my kids had dreamed of and more.  We are so excited to have our Aunt Jules and hope she comes and visits soon and a lot!  Oh, and Brad can come too.


Samantha said...

Kacey- when in the world did you get so crafty?!! Okay, I knew you were crafty, but I'm beyond impressed.

Peggy Dee said...

Man I wish I had more time to blog. I just need to grab yours but I'm pretty sure you have the same followers I do so it's all good - if I have any followers left! Awesome job on the sewing. Nailed it! It was a great day thanks to all of our crew. Love my kids!!

Katie said...

LOVE the Gatsby outfits. Love. Maybe you could make me a replica of that dress in a big girl size?

kate said...

Don't be ridiculous there is no way that is the same dress.

Good job. I'm impressed with your skills

Kristy said...

Seriously the cutest wedding outfits I've ever seen.