Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patty's Day

Scarlet's preschool is a big fan of celebrating the holidays. And I am so with them. It is always fun to really get into the little random days. At our house that meant green pancakes, green milk, and kids dressed in green with clovers on their cheek (an Earl tradition).

And I am all about fun class parties, but Scarlet's little school is maybe going a tad bit overboard. They have a party for EVERY holiday. And, one week prior to all of these parties, there is a sign up sheet outside the classroom with 20 different blanks so every parent can bring something to the party. All 20 of us. To every party.

As you can imagine, that translates into a party with a LOT of treats. I signed up for brownies and brought some very yummy and very bite sized mint brownies. After school, I asked Scarlet what her favorite food at the party was.

"The cheetos! No... I think maybe the ice cream. Or, your brownies were really good. The other brownies were not very yummy."

And that doesn't include the juice boxes, the assorted fruit and veggie trays (which I am sure saw little to no action) nor does it include the rice crispy treat they were sent home with.

As our children literally bounced their sugar high bodies out of class, Scarlet stopped me just briefly to remind me, "Mom, don't forget to sign up for the Easter party!"

Maybe this time I will sign up for paper plates...


Campbell Family said...

I just did a lot of catching up on your blog, and it really is strange how much our kids have in common. Johanna is "too agreeable" and not demanding enough in school, Emerson and Rhode's drawings could practically be switched without us Moms noticing, and Dylan's the happiest kid in the world and only had two teeth FOREVER (he only has 5 now, at almost 18 months). Really, one day we need to get these guys together! Anyway, loved catching up!!

Kristy said...

I'm embarrassed to say that you out Irish-ed me this St. Patrick's Day. We watched a random Liam Neeson movie with glass bottled cream soda (they were out of every Irish movie imaginable). The cheek shamrock is a classic.