Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One Whole Hand's Worth

I love having a five year old. Babies are fun and all but five year olds are funny, silly, smart, appreciative, curious and loving. Sure, babies talk back a little less...

Scarlet wanted all things princess for her family birthday day. She walked downstairs to the Disney princess party song, "Happy Birthday Princess" which somehow got stuck on repeat for the majority of the day. Two weeks later, still stuck in my head. She was in heaven.

She sat down to her specially requested birthday breakfast.
And then got to open her very first present of the day.

I had purchased this little pink dress at a thrift store and gave it a little sewing club attention...
then took a piece of lace and with a little pinterest advice, we have

The Princess Scarlet

I am not sure how I scored such an amazing deal, but it just so happens that on the Saturday that was her birthday the local library was throwing a huge Prince and Princess party. Seriously. Talk about time/effort saver.

So we showed up with some friends

andenjoyed a princess themed storytime followed by a room full of every royal themed craft available.

Scarlet made a crown, a wand, a ring, a necklace (all bejeweled and glittered) not to mention the princess inspired games, treats and presents.

They even had more manly themed crafts.
She even got the chance to take pictures with some "real princesses".
After taking the pictures, Scarlet asked if they were actually princesses.

"What do you think?" I asked.

"I think they probably were not," she said. "But their dresses were really pretty!"

Scarlet requested a Rapunzel cake and I tried my best to deliver.

I also tried my best to take the picture of the cake immediately after it was finished so it looked semi decent. I am not sure what went wrong with my buttercream frosting, but something was amiss as the frosting slowly melted as the evening wore on.

We barbecued dinner with a few close friends (family parties are only so successful when you have no family in town so we included some adopted family into the celebration).

I am so excited to have Scarlet. She gets smarter and more beautiful every day. I love what a sweet sister she is for her brothers. She loves preschool and dancing around the kitchen and all things lovely and sparkly.

What a princess we have!


Kylie said...

Scarlet is by far the most beautiful, funniest, smartest, fanciest, sweetest princess of them all! And holy cow her princess outfit is amazing. I'm also planning a princess party for my 21st birthday this year... just saying.

hsw said...

I love that dress! Such a sweet post. :) Happy birthday, Scarlet!

Samantha and Tyrel Ross said...

so cute!! What a score at the library!! She is getting more and more beautiful!! She is definately a princess

Samantha and Tyrel Ross said...

P.S. I am also a huge fan of age 5!!

Katie said...

Happy birthday, Scarlet!