Thursday, March 22, 2012

Just Missing the Mad Hatter

Scarlet received some extra fun birthday presents this year. Topping the list were definitely the electric barbie guitar from her aunts and the purple ruffled umbrella from her friend Jane. (Jane informed her mother that all princesses need an umbrella, turns out Scarlet whole heartedly agreed and has toted it around with her everywhere ever since) Not to mention her birthday money from Grandma Charla. She treasures those dollars and scans every store we walk into, searching for the perfect items worthy of her precious money.

But the most popular present came a few days late from Grammy. And ever since its arrival, we have been having regular tea times.

Dad is frequently invited to attend. Asher is usually uninvited as he tends to literally crash the party.

I picked up the fancy mini lemon cakes from Costco for some truly divine tea party treats.

Rhode doesn't usually enjoy all the manners imposed on him during tea party time but the grub is good, so he goes with it.
So thank you, gift givers for your abundant generosity. And thank you mom for saving many of my ill fated dishes previously used for their tea party games. It is very nice to have cups in my kitchen once again.

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Kylie said...

You win for coolest mom of the year award for sure. I hope mom sees this and feels bad for never getting me a tea set. i had to buy my own when I was 15, and by then no one would have tea parties with me.