Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentines Day

I believe we have officially created Valentine's Day traditions. Last year, we threw together a last minute FHE activity by drawing Valentines for each other. My kids have been begging to make valentines every Monday since that day. When I told them the Monday they had impatiently waited for all year was finally here, the excitement was palpable. I think we have our V-Day winning combination.

Our morning started with red heart pancakes with strawberry sauce and ended with our card crafting.

Everyone took it very seriously.

Asher did less coloring and more getting colored on but still felt loved.

Aunt Kristy was in town for a visit (best week of my life by the way. It has been a really long time since I got to spend that much one on one time with my sister) and even made a few valentines herself.

Jon, ever the creator/perfectionist, was coloring long after the rest of us had wrapped up.

And the final product! This is the one I created for Scarlet. My designs may be simple but they are effective and appreciated. I am gonna call it a winner.

Scarlet was so excited to read us her card all by herself.

This is the card Scarlet made for me.

All of her people these day wear crowns and puffed sleeves. I kind of love them.

Rhode made me this beauty. If you will remember, last year his valentine to his sister consisted of three red lines. The improvement is pretty dramatic.

He showed me in church the other day that he had learned to write "mom". I was totally impressed.

And this is the card Kristy made for me. I kind of love it a lot.

And then there were Jon's valentines. His must always be posted last as to not make the rest of ours look as pathetic as they really are.

Here is his card to Rhode.

And his card to me. He claims Rhode bumped him at the crucial moment of drawing my face, thus creating my pointy and manly appearance. When he saw I was posting it, he apologized once again and promised this is not how he thinks I actually look.

And, like every good family home evening, good treats are required.

Family traditions - Check.


Earl Family said...


I want to be you when I grow up.

Kristy said...

Man I'm a good artist.

Brad said...

Haha love the card Kristy, my first thought was oh wow Scarlet is pretty good at drawing now, oh nevermind that's my older sister

narrators: c and p said...

I remember reading your Vday post last year - love the card tradition. We had baked yams the other night and it reminded me of you. you may ask why, and thats a good question. well we had them with dinner one night at your house, thats all. Those look like pretty sweet cupcakes you made!... Which reminds me of your 4th of July cake making contest you also had while we were there! Your fam is the coolest. When can we see you again? ps- i love puffed sleeves, too