Monday, February 20, 2012

Asher - The Baby Years

Didn't I just have a baby? Sheesh, remember when six months seemed like a long time? In a 24 hour period my baby who I swear was just a newborn was somehow able to flip himself off the couch (don't worry I caught him), put a shiny object in his mouth that I had to then fish out, and pull himself to standing.

Do I have any timeouts left?

I was so overwhelmed by his babyhood flying before my eyes I immediately grabbed out the camera and started snapping pictures, hoping to freeze time for just a moment or two.

And I discovered a new trick. Asher loves the camera. If the camera is out, his smile is on. So here are a million baby smiles and his behind the scene tricks.

He is the happiest baby. He loves me the most but the rest of the world is deserving of smiles and a few minutes of cuddle time. Dad is second favorite and has been deemed 'baby whisperer' for his ability to get this kid to sleep no matter how snotty his nose.

He has two teeth and not the hint of anything else coming in the future. He loves these two little pearly buds. If ever there is bare skin present on anyone, he takes the opportunity to show you they are still there and still very sharp. He even gave his Aunt Kristy a vampire style neck bite just to show he cares.
He has the cutest, brightest little baby eyes. They aren't brown yet... but I am not exactly sure what color they are. We are going to go with greybluegreenhazel. Don't know what to call them but also hope they don't go anywhere.

He thinks he is such a big kid. Not only does he scoot his way around the house but he insists on being wherever his brother and sister are. If I need a few minutes off, the best way to distract him is to set him in front of our sliding glass door while the kids are playing outside. He watches them like a game of Pong as they run around the backyard and waves his little hands in the vain hope they will make him move as fast as they do.

He has also decided he would like to be eating when we are eating and preferably what we are eating as well. We definitely have another good eater. He hasn't found a food he doesn't like yet. Except for dairy... still not liking that so much but everything else is fair game and delicious.

He is my first child to regularly get the sink bath. I think it would be a combination of two factors. First, his brother and sister absolutely torture him in the bathtub so a bath for just him is very handy. And secondly, unlike previous times in my life, my sink is clean enough for a bath pretty frequently these days. Self pat on back.

I don't know what I would do without him. Other than sleep more, get more done and eat more ice cream. Hmm now that I think about it... no I will stick with the baby.


Brad said...

Asher in the sink might be the most adorable baby picture I've ever seen. Except for Kacey and me reading a book of course.

Kylie said...

My little Ash Cash B*Gash is getting so old! he has the most precious baby smile in the whole world. are you sure he doesn't want to live with four super fun girls in provo?

Kristy said...

I miss Asher already, especially since my scrapes on my arms are all healed.