Monday, February 20, 2012


We are doing a little shifting and sorting at the Nielsen house. Our first big change, Scarlet and Rhode are now roommates.

After a week of their new arrangement, Scarlet informed me that Rhode talks a lot at night and she would rather he move back to his old room.

Sorry babe.

Our second change is one I am very excited about. Finally talked Asher into taking one of these.

He still considers it more of a fun toy that he occasionally sucks on instead of a more permanent sadness fixer but we are getting there.

And wouldn't this picture be more adorable if Scarlet were in it? She thinks so.

The third change is a calling change... for me.

I am the new 2nd counselor in the Relief Society. Yup.

Biiig changes.

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christina said...

Congrats on the calling! Are you over activities? Cause we might want to share notes if you are. I'm the first counselor, but over activities (usually it's the 2nd counselor, but we're just rebels like that!) your kids are adorable, as always. :)