Saturday, July 23, 2011


Isn't it amazing how much of what we think childbirth will be like stems from television/movies? Was anyone else totally shocked to hear that only like 10% of women actually have their water break to start labor? And, those that do, it is not the water balloon gushing in the middle of the department store right at the end of a very heated argument? Plus, who would have thought you would be in labor for hours at home before it was "time". People in non-reality world know its time within like 5 minutes of starting contractions.

Jon was very, very disappointed with the unexcitement that is a non-television, epidural-laden birth. He confessed very openly that the lack of screaming, nurses running in each and every direction and the fact that not a single person slipped on any thing (bodily fluid or otherwise) in this chaotic moment, was jarring his reality big time.

But, when it comes to our third trimester nesting, Jon and I may have even gone above and beyond the levels of the most overdramatic of sitcom births.

I am pretty sure your average nesting pregnant couple spends their days decorating a nursery their baby probably won't sleep in for a significant amount of their first year of life. They may do some extra shopping to make sure they have every baby item Target makes before the arrival of their new one. A few of the real go-getters may even get some good Spring cleaning done to make room for their new arrival and make sure their child comes home to the most sanitary environment possible. Which they will then puke, pee, and poop on.

Well, not us.

We really wanted to make sure this baby knew we were excited to have them join our family. So, in the this week before my official due date (Monday) we got our Nielsen nesting on.

We started with laying sod in the backyard.

Sod is awesome. It is so instantly, flawlessly beautiful. And what newborn doesn't appreciate coming home to a fantastically manicured lawn?
We also got all of the carpets shampooed.
Good luck finding a random tidbit of something to shove in your mouth off this floor, baby. It is spotless... for the moment.

And, really, what mother would bring a newborn child into a kitchen with a ridiculously fluorescent lowered ceiling, awful "grandma" off white cabinets, cheap fake wood floor that is popping at every seam and a counter top we have been desperate to rid ourselves of since the minute we bought this house?

Not us!

Yeah... it's way better to bring the baby home to a half remodeled kitchen with few working appliances. I microwaved lunch and mixed smoothies in the laundry room yesterday. Add an infant and that just equals more fun than one mom should be having alone!

So, when our baby comes out 20 lbs. and already crawling/walking, we are going to be sooo ready.

p.s. you may think my involvement in any of these activities would have had the power to throw me into labor, seeing as doctor says I am already at 4 cm. but you would be sadly mistaken.


Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

I am counting down!

Campbell Family said...

Can't wait to hear the news! I hope it's a boy just for the sake of us having the same set :)

Angie Larkin said...

It'll be tonight! I'm feeling it! :) The ceiling looks great in the kitchen, I didn't see a single muddy footprint on the carpet from the other day and as usual, you make me SMILE!

Zannie said...

I love the lush back yard! Seriously awesome!! The carpets look amazing....that living room is huge! And the kitchen...well I see all the potential!!!The ceiling looks great! Way to go!!

Mindy said...

You are awesome! The kitchen looks a lot further along than I saw it last week. :D I love the lawn too. Maybe a visit later will through you into labor, that is if teaching another sunday school lesson doesn't. :D

Peggy Dee said...

Okay so you neglected to tell me that your kitchen was torn apart! Im on my way to play Grammy and I thought the only challenge would be the heat. Im trying to get off the plane and head back to my working kitchen but apparently they won't open the door once they've closed it. Oh well. I guess I can mix smoothies in the laundry room too!

Cassidy said...

Oh my goodness. You are a brave, brave woman. That's a lot of work. And of course it didn't send you into labor. That's how it always works, darn it. Good luck with the baby!!

Samantha and Tyrel Ross said...

Can't wait to here!!! I hope you don't over your due date!!

Samantha and Tyrel Ross said...

Oh yeah! I thought you were going to have this baby on my birthday!!!

Heidi Noel said...

Hey, we had a lot of running around and screaming during my last labor and delivery. Mallory caused a lot of drama. Good luck today. Last night you looked so ready, I felt awful. I honestly hoped that I wouldn't see you at all yesterday. (No offense.)