Sunday, July 3, 2011

Checking in with #3

I am rounding the corner of 37 weeks and now officially counting down the days until Nielsen #3 joins our family. We have had a running schedule of things that were going to happen before the baby came to keep the kids from asking every 5 seconds or so. Unfortunately, the last item on the list was the 4th of July. Once those fireworks go off, my kids will just be staring at my stomach daily, waiting for something to happen.

Scarlet loves to pray for our newest sibling. She is really hoping for a sister, but is usually pragmatic about the situation. Her requests above usually go, "Heavenly Father, please bless that our baby is a sister... or a brother."

Yes, please let this baby be a girl or a boy. Don't really care which one but one or the other would be preferable. Rhode is still voting for puppy though.

I was really excited to keep this baby's gender a surprise but part of me thought I would just know the gender without really knowing. I have done this pregnancy thing twice before, both were pretty distinct, I figured it would feel like one or the other and the mystery would be solved.
Well, instead I have had a pregnancy filled with a few old symptoms from each previous pregnancy along with a few new ones I can attach to this child alone. So, here is a little rundown of how things have been going. The symptoms that point to girl or boy are labeled. My "Switzerland" symptoms, aka. the ones that just can't seem to pick a side, are not.

Boy - I am carrying really low, much lower than I did with either child. Fun strangers in the store love to tell me that means this is a boy.

Maybe because of my low carrying, this baby somehow manages to miss all of the 'target kick zones' my other two loved to nail. No kicking my ribs, lungs, bladder, etc. But to add to its strangeness, this baby has found a love for whacking my pelvic bones. It feels just as awesome as you think it would...

Girl - So far, the Nielsen grandkids have kept a very steady pattern when it comes to child bearing. Everyone with more than one child has had a girl, a boy, then a girl. I have kept the tradition for the first two...

Heartburn... oh the heartburn. Not a problem with my last two but this one has been pretty bad. Right before bed, I usually have to pop a couple of Tums and sit up for a few extra minutes to let everything settle down and, if I am lucky, I can make it until the morning.

Girl - My ankle swelling with Scarlet was legendary. Calf to toe was one giant water balloon. It was horrifying. Rhode... not one minute of puffy feet. This pregnancy has not been nearly in the Scarlet zone but I definitely have some feet puff going on.

Boy - I have stayed smaller this pregnancy,

bigger than Rhode

but significantly smaller than Scarlet.

Girl - Scarlet was a constant mover, especially when there were any loud sounds around, like in the movie theater. Rhode only moved when I poked and prodded him enough to bug him. He was happy to just chill in there all day long. This baby won't move for a very long time and then do some major dancing to make up for lost time. Baby especially does not like to share my lap space. Any kids near the belly get a good kicking from their baby sibling.

Boy - No dark line on my tummy. Super awesome.

Still no stretch marks... extra super awesome.

Girl - My cravings have been more similar to Scarlet's pregnancy than Rhodes. Rhode I actually wanted healthy stuff like fruits and vegetables. Scarlet, I wanted candy. This child seems to want baked goods. Mmmm, cookies. And, my oddest craving thus far, I have been seriously wanting some Coke. Yeah, like straight Coca-Cola. I have given up caffeine cold turkey for all of my pregnancies and I don't like straight cola ever. I have always been more of a diet pepsi girl. But sheesh, when I see someone buying a coke at the store or see a fountain drink full... it has been a hard one to resist. So weird..

Had to take off my wedding ring a week or so ago. First time I have ever been without it. There was something about not being able to take it off for a couple of days that made me very nervous. I kept on having dreams about them having to saw it off my marshmallow hands. It has found a safe home until post baby.

Girl - Coming up with two names has been probably the hardest part. If it is a boy, we are pretty sure what his name will be (sorry I am not an early name revealer). But we have really struggled with girl names. Our "for sure" name has changed 5 different times. I keep telling Jon if we don't pick a girl name for sure, it will definitely be a girl by default just to make things confusing.

Scarlet, who is sure this is her new baby sister, has decided the best name would be Charlotte. It hasn't made the list yet as that would be about as confusing as is possible, but at least it is a real name!

My baby even changes genders in my dreams. My subconscious is really messing with me. Last night, it was a chubby baby boy but a month ago, it was definitely a girl.

So, what do you think? Can you see why I am so confused? Either way, we are all ready to meet our newest Nielsen.

Let the countdown begin!


Sam and Rachel said...

You look great. I'm jealous that you ate now full term. Um dreading the next 2 hot months, and I'm not even in Vegas. Glad you don't have the swelling you had with Scarlet. That was pretty epic. We too had no solid girl name picked out, but lucked out with a boy. I think it's hilarious that Scarlet wants a sister name Charlotte, because that is the name Christine has dubbed her sister too. Something about the name must be so appealing to 4 year old girls. Best of luck in the last little bit of pregnancy. Can't wait to see who joins your family.

Kristy said...

My prediction is that the baby will be a girl.

Myca said...

So Exciting! And you look great!

Kylie said...

I think its a boy. Also I want scarlet to name all my children.

Katie said...

You look darling! I so wish I had some of your height. When I was pregnant with Kaden there was no where for him to go but out. I can't wait to see the newest little Nielsen. I'm voting girl, for Scarlett's sake. =)

Mindy said...

Two thoughts came to mind as I was reading another of your awesome posts. 1) I love Rhode's Snow White shoes. Was I the only one who saw that. :D 2)If you didn't get stretch marks with Scarlet, you probably never will-Lucky!

But as far as whether or not you are having a boy or a girl. I have NO idea. I say a boy because you are smaller but you could just be having an average girl. Not all your sisters are as tall as you. :/

Just saying.

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

Kylie... I am so remembering that. I think boy. I don't know why. Just because. :)I am so excited to see!

Stacie said...


I watched the video below and laughed out loud! Madison keeps asking me "why did they do something so weird? I don't get it!"

Peggy Dee said...

Brad read us the "Juice" blog out loud when we were in Utah. We laughed hysterically at all those stories. The primary song one was my favorite. Scarlet looked so adorable at her recital! I saw the footage on Youtube before you posted it because I happened to be there. Loved it! I also saw the Stripling Warrior movie before I knew what the hec it was. I was pretty sure it was one of Jon's creations but when you don't know, it's rather puzzling. I predict the baby will be a girl so you better make a name decision! Although I would be happy with whatever little Nielsen you two produced!!!

Kristi H. said...

How do you manage to stay so slim/fit during pregnancy? I'm completely envious. What a figure!