Friday, July 1, 2011

Always use the word "Strip" with caution

Jon is in the Stake Young Mens but occasionally he gets a chance to help out at the ward level as well. When he heard our ward's young men would be making a movie, he was a moth drawn to the flame. Jon has an interesting habit of turning simple mutual church movies into full scale photoshopped productions.

The boys picked the theme "Helaman and the Stripling Warriors". They filmed for about 45 minutes and then Jon and his computer went to work. The boys loved the final product. They felt like movie stars. So, Jon threw it on youtube with the title "Stripling Trailer" for them so they could watch it again.

This all took place a month or so ago.

But then, a few days ago, I see in my email that his video is suddenly getting comments. Not nice comments by the way. I went to check it out and the video was up to 1,600 views! I know that is not a ton in youtube world but that is quite a few people from the 12 mutual boys who originally got the file.

We couldn't figure out why it was spreading so fast. But then we saw its two biggest referrals were from videos called "Stripland Trailer" and "Stripperland Video".

At last count it was over 3,000 views and rising by a few hundred a day. Welcome to 15 minutes of D level internet fame Tropicana Young Mens Program!


Cassidy said...

Oh my goodness. Bo and I were laughing pretty hard. Funny, funny.

Samantha said...

That is seriously hilarious.

Mindy said...

Loved it!!! I'm glad the YM had fun.

Kristy said...

So awesome.

narrators: c and p said...

Oh man, of course that would happen - you live in vegas! On another note, I was thinking about those amazing 4th of july cakes you and Jon made several years ago. talent. Happy 4th!

Jason Earl said...

Someone needs to hit the one kid for starting "I am a Child of God" so high. Other than that, pure awesome.