Monday, March 24, 2008

I am so much better at this than a 3 year old...

When you aren't around your family for the holidays for us at least it makes it a little harder to celebrate correctly with all the grandeur every holiday deserves. But since we've been married, Jon and I refuse to let Easter fall by the wayside just because we only have the two (or now three) of us. So we usually go find other stranded Easter'ers and have some good ole fashioned Easter fun.

It was a goregous day on Saturday so we threw a bbq/easter egg decorating party. It is always so nice to have a bunch of interesting adults to talk to while eating good food. And then we all turned our attention to the eggs. We only had one kid there above the age of one so he is the only kid who got to participate. And it is so much more fun to decorate eggs now that your old enough to be creative and crafty in your coloring choices, we had some pretty rockin final results.

Unfortunately Scarlet has had a pretty mean cold all week. I really thought she was feeling better but it hit her pretty hard again that night and she didn't really leave me all night. I could tell she really wasn't feeling well when one of our friends brought their dog over and she didn't even look up as it barked and ran by. And by the way, she loves dogs. Poor girl!

We still had a great Easter Sunday. Jon and I actually spoke in Sacrament meeting and I think they both went well. Then Jon took Scarlet home to get some sleep while I got to enjoy a baby-free Relief Society.

By the way, officially got my new calling in our ward. I am the new... wait for it... cub scout master.

If anyone still wondered whether God had a sense of humor, I would say this one proves it.


Myca said...

I love your last comment...hilarious. Sorry to hear that Scarlet is sick...but she is so stinkin cute.

Samantha said...

cub scout master? that is hilarious. and was that gathering in your backyard?? adorable!

Samantha & Tyrel Ross said...

Way to go on the whole Easter party!! I have been a bundle of fun for holiday's lately. Christmas season was a bomb I was in the hospital and oh again for Easter. Poor Cooper. I promise to make more of it next year!!

Brandon & Emily Esparza said...

It looks like you had a great easter. I died eggs with my kindergarteners and it is really fun when you are older. I totally agree. I have a quick questions for you though!!! I was wondering if you did the Down Syndrome testing when you were pregom, I think it's the CVS Testing. I have it scheduled for Monday but now i'm not sure. What did you do????