Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ward Christmas Party

My ward is either seriously on top of things or were desperate to get it over with. We had our ward Christmas party on December 1st. Everyone kept asking all night why we were having our ward party in November... almost.

We have a lot of fun couples our age in the ward so we chatted all night. Our friends Dale and Mindy who just moved into town came with us. Dale has been trying to get to our activities for months now after finding out that former BYU Basketball player Mike Rose is in our ward. When he found out, his next comment was, "wow do you have any other celebrities in your ward?" I got a kick outta that. So he got to meet Mike last night, that was pretty exciting for him. And I could tell Mike liked having a fan.

The primary kids put on a nativity, nothing compared to the Earl production every year but decent in its own right. Then, we ate dinner and basically called it an evening. Of course right before we headed out the door, we had a 'special guest' stop by. Since Angie has frightened me away from mall Santas for the rest of my life I just couldn't resist the opportunity.

At first she was very curious about Santa, she gave him the ol' stranger stare she has perfected. But with a candy cane in hand she wasn't about to complain. Oddly enough, I found myself a little disappointed. I realized all I wanted was big crocodile tears pouring down her face as she reaches out for me like every other child has on Santa's lap. How mean am I?

But then we decided we wanted a picture with Jane (Dale and Mindy's baby) and Scarlet together on Santa's lap.

And, I finally got my picture. Poor kid. But check out those chunky legs coming out of those boots! They don't fit her feet very well but I had to buy them a size up so they would fit around those calves.


mumovearls said...

Those calves are adorable! I can relate Hendrix can't even wear boots because her rolls continue down her leg and on her foot! Scarlet is so pretty -love her hair!-nena

Cassidy said...

It seems that everyone is having their ward Christmas party early. My friends had theirs on the 1st too. Ours is on the 7th. I LOVE her legs. If Carter had been a girl, I would have had to do the same thing. That's crazy about your mom! I'm glad you get to go help her. Your mom, as I'm sure you well know, is the ultimate. She has always been the BEST to me, and has helped me out in so many ways. We're thinking of her. I wonder if I'll see you in ML. I'm coming on Saturday! YAY!

Tiffany said...

I am so sad that we are going to miss our ward christmas party. I too wanted the picture with the crocodile tears!!!

dirty>south said...

See, Scarlet knows that guy just came from a boxcar at the train station.

angie said...

glad i could make an impact. :)

Stephanie Kay Moore said...

Oh she's a laugh! haha Tell your mom I'm sorry and wish her to get well! Travel safe! Maybe I'll bump into ya!