Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Christmas Letter

Greetings from the Nielsens!
Though we try to fool ourselves into thinking our Christmas might look something like the front of this card, we have resigned to the fact that we still call the Las Vegas desert home.

Jon has taken advantage of the desert sun and become a “runner”. People who go out for a nice, leisurely jog every now and again don’t get the true runner label. It takes a certain level of commitment (and insanity if you ask me) to deserve the full title. If you are willing to run even when the sun is a scorching 115 degrees, if your Garmin Satellite watch has surpassed all other inventions as the greatest thing ever made, and if you are willing to run your own marathon of personal design while your wife provides the occasional snack and water stop with the baby in the back of a car then you, like Jon, can officially be called a runner.

Kacey, on the other hand, uses the hot, hot sun as a great excuse to stay indoors. Why melt when the A/C works just fine in here?! Unfortunately the amount of indoor time doesn’t really seem to translate into more housework completion. But she is always sure that all books get read, all TV shows get watched, all shopping gets done, and Scarlet is still alive and healthy when the day is done. Success? I like to think so.

Scarlet enjoys waking up to the early sun, no matter what time it likes to grace us with its presence. Scarlet is an ever-growing bundle of chunkiness and joy. At 9 months she is already tipping the scales at 25 lbs, but that hasn’t slowed her down. Though she has now mastered crawling and assisted walking, her most impressive feat has got to be her palate. There is nothing this child won’t eat. From a big bite of spicy curry to a fresh squeeze of lemon juice, she chows down and asks for more. Every mother’s dream…

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season and here is wishing you the best for 2008!

The Nielsens

So you didn't miss much, but here was the letter I sent out this year. Hope everyone had a merry Christmas, I can't wait to read all about them!


Samantha & Tyrel Ross said...

Hey, thought I would say hi and that I am back into the blogging world. My computer is set up and I am not sick anymore so I don't have any excuses!! As always love your posts

Tiffany said...

cute, cute, cute! Cambree is the same way when it comes to food. she will eat anything we put in front of her. Sad for her she still only has two bottom teeth, so she struggles with some things! (like Cucumbers, she loves them but constantly is choking on them because she bites off a huge chunk but can't chew it because she still doesn't have enough teeth!)

My grandpa was feeding her some tapioca pudding and he was like, "does she ever get full or do you just stop feeding her!?" um we pretty much just have to stop because she will continue to go back for more!! No matter what it is!