Monday, November 26, 2007

No more pie for breakfast

We are finally back home from a week in Gridley, California with Jon's family. It was such a great week, one of those weeks that makes you a little sad to be home.

Jon has one brother and three sisters and all of them made it home this year. There are now 6 grandchildren with one on the way. Five girls and one boy. Luckily for Hawkins (the one boy) the one on the way is a boy so he'll have a little company.

Scarlet absolutely LOVED being around kids all day long. She just got a kick out of it. The closest cousin to her is Skylar who is almost 2 years old. Scarlet would just follow her around all day. Unfortunately Scarlet enjoyed this game much more than Skyler did, "Go-let, that's mine!" is what I heard all day long. I totally understand now why people move back to their families after they have kids. It is oh so much fun.

We had amazing food all week. After thanksgiving I think I had pie for every meal. I seem to be going through withdrawals today after finally putting something halfway decent in my system.

The Nielsens are outdoors people so whenever I'm up there we usually spend a few days doing anything from hiking to volleyball, whatever we are in the mood for. This week was tennis week. I'm sure you all will be shocked to hear, I am not an athlete. I'm quite embarrassingly terrible most of the time. The worst is being my size and going for a fun, casual game of basketball where everyone assumes 'hey, that girl has got to be good.' That is most definitely not the case. The only sport I can even come close to holding my own is volleyball. But I've finally decided I need to add another to my repertoire. I chose tennis. I'm really not any good, but I'm definitely improving. And I really enjoy it! It's kinda nice to have a sport that you don't really need to collect a lot of people to do.

Overall, Thanksgiving was a fabulous time. Now it's time to pull out the Christmas decor! I am so mad at myself, we didn't take a single picture all week. But here are some pictures from our first Nielsen family Christmas photo shoot. I won't post the one that will become our Christmas card but here are some we took of Scarlet.


Tiffany said...

I am pretty sure I ate pie for every meal too!!! so yummy!

Samantha & Tyrel Ross said...

How fun! I think pie is the only thing I ate!! That is all I could keep down. But I only had two pieces in two days, so I guess that's not too bad! Cute pictures!