Sunday, September 8, 2013

You know it's time to move when....

There have been many many moments over the past few years that I could finish my blog title sentence with. Oh so many moments, but the recent ones I really do believe take the cake.

It started with Jon and I waking up at 3 am with glowing lights filling our bedroom.  We peeked outside to find our front driveway full of police cars.  Jon went to go check out what was going on, but came in only a few minutes later saying they were looking for someone and we were fine.  I was way too tired to require further details so, with securely locked doors, we fell back asleep.

By morning, I had almost forgotten the incident.  I got my house ready for sewing club and invited our first few guests through the door.  The kids headed straight into the backyard and the ladies and I took our respective chatting spots on the couch.

I had just stood up to get a drink of water when Scarlet walked in the backdoor saying, "Mom, look what I found in the backyard?"  She then handed me a gun.  Yes, you read that right, a gun.

I had it out of her hands in seconds, and luckily my heart rate calmed significantly upon holding it.  I don't know much about guns but this felt way too light to be real.  The casing was black and looked very menacing from a distance but up close I noticed it had an orange tip which didn't seem very gun-ish.  I assumed it was a BB gun or something similar.  But, whatever it was, it was not ours and was surely not something I wanted the children in our backyard finding and/or experimenting with.

Jon suggested I call the police since we know they were looking for someone the night before.  When the officer showed up, he assured me that it was a pellet gun, but it was what they were looking for.  There was a group of teenagers running around our neighborhood last night, threatening people and causing some neighborhood chaos, running in and out of backyards, and one of them so kindly dropped his gun in our yard.  Awesome.

So, the discussion over the next few days in our house were about gun safety, especially what to do if you find a gun.

A few days later, I had to have a conversation with my children about how to behave around homeless people who have camped themselves next to your car.

Yeah, pretty sure it's time.


Campbell Family said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I think you guys need to move to CA (right next to us :)

Angie said...

um yeah this sounds terrifying. Good job on not totally losing it when they brought the gun in..i don't think I would have been so calm (and thus why I am useless in an emergency)

narrators: c and p said...

That is crazy! Man, you'll probably finally move right when Paul gets a job there.