Sunday, September 15, 2013

June stuff I forgot to blog about

I have been trying to get the blog all caught up before this baby decides to join our family and I realized, I skipped an entire month of our summer.  Mostly because it wasn't well documented picture-wise.  But it cannot go unmentioned.

June was crazy.  We were booked every single weekend with dance/work things.  And then we threw a wedding into the middle of all the crazy.  After a trip to Boise for our last dance event of the year, we sent Jon back down south and the rest of my family took off for Moses Lake.  We got to spend a few days getting those last minute wedding preparations done before taking off to Portland so Courtney and Curtis could get hitched.

Jon had to change flights a few times because of work emergencies but he did finally get to join us in Portland in time to go to their reception that night.  Courtney was a vision of perfection and Curtis looked pretty decent himself.

Kristy and I were uninvited from the "bridesmaids" group.  'Well sure,' you say, 'it's because you are married!'  Yeah, so are the first two bridesmaids at the left of the pictures.

The true story is they don't make squeezy hot pink pencil skirts that fit over 6 month pregnant bellies.  And Kristy was disqualified so they didn't just have to call me fat.  :)

Instead we got the more demure black dresses, which were much more belly friendly.

My family in their wedding getups.

After the wedding, we hopped back in the car and headed to Moses Lake for their second reception.  We ate delicious food and saw a ton of fun ML people, stayed just long enough to get stuck helping with cleanup and the hopped a plane back to Las Vegas.

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