Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas 2012

We spent Christmas in Las Vegas this year.  It's nice to be in your own home for the holidays sometimes, especially when your home is a good 40 degrees warmer than your usual destination.  But, skipping out on the traditional plans means having to make your own traditions.

We started with some good ol' Christmas Eve fun.  The Stouts, Warrens, and Halls came over for a tasty Ham lunch/dinner with lots of awesome sides.  We had just enough kids to pull together a nativity.  We raided the fabic closet and came up with some real winners.

Our three wise men with their embroidery loom crowns

A shepherd

Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus

Our lovely angels

and a production was born.

We finished off the evening by baking sugar and gingerbread cookies.  We then delivered them to some friends and did a little caroling.  Many were skeptical with my plan but our recipients were very appreciative.  And the cookies were seriously good so what could there be to complain about?!

Once all of the extras had gone home it was time to open our Christmas Eve pajamas.

Scarlet's were a little small.... she didn't seem to mind.

Rhode was ecstatic to be Batman, he gave us his best superhero poses.

And surprisingly enough, even Asher was stoked about his new night wear.  He kept pointing to the front and saying "vroom!"  

 We practiced our hiding spots for Santa a few times before bedtime.  I wish I would have gotten pictures... Scarlet set herself up between two couches with a blanket over the top.  After practicing a few times, I finally asked her if she could actually see out of her spot.  No, she said, but that was okay.  So we switched her to under the coffee table which was covered in a blanket and then set up with our milk and cookies for Santa.

Rhode had the best spot.  We carved a peep hole out of a very large cardboard box.  The kids then decorated the box to their hearts content and Rhode hid for Santa disguised as a present.

Well before we knew it, Jon heard the little pattering of reindeer hooves on the roof so we woke the kids up, ran downstairs and quietly as we could and took cover.  Just moments later, the big man in red came walking through the front door.  He carried three large presents with him over to the tree.  We could hear him muttering under his breath about what good kids they had been and how excited he was to give them these presents.  He had a small bite of cookie and a little bit of milk but he was pretty full from the night and he was in a hurry so he headed right back out the door.

The kids were perfectly silent and he didn't catch us at all.   Asher slept through the whole thing but woke up just a few minutes after Santa left.  Maybe next year.

My kids must have been VERY good this year.  Santa and Grammy Peggy definitely thought so.

We had a great morning opening presents, laughing, making muffins and enjoying each other.  After whipping out a few new toys and using up all of the AA batteries in the house we decided to put a few of our new toys to work on the street.

Tricycle from Grammy, awesome toy! 

 Scarlet's bike wasn't a Christmas gift but her riding skills are definitely brand new.
 Rhode got this awesome Scooter from Santa and the boots from Grammy.  They went well together.


And finally we had a little acrobatic fun with our new trampoline.  I bet you thought that bar was to help with the jumping.   Asher says otherwise.

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Peggy Dee said...

We missed you so much! Our house was so dull without little ones but we made the best of it!!