Friday, June 29, 2012

The Preschool Program That Wasn't

Scarlet had a fantastic preschool year.  We loved her teachers, Ms. Moscado and Ms. Skyhe.  We loved the program, we loved the kids, it was just such a great situation to bloom from the craziness that was finding a preschool.

And then... 2 1/2 months before the end of the year they decided to combine the morning and afternoon preschool class which meant there were 25 kids.  This sent all of their daily routines down the window as most of them couldn't fit in very easily with all of the extra bodies.  Then, because they cut her hours and benefits, our fabulous preschool teacher and her assistant left us!

So for the last 6 week session, we had the director of the program step in as the teacher with two new assistants.  It was terrible.  There was no structure, not much of a curriculum, way too many kids and just a general lack of anything getting done.  One of the assistants drove me especially crazy.  She showed up for class every day in her sweat pants and t shirt with her hair pulled back in a headband and messy bun like she had just gotten done washing her face.  She would then spend the majority of the class time texting.

Because it was the end of the year, we just got through it but it was a mess.  I was not looking forward to the preschool program, knowing if it was anything like the last six weeks, it was going to be bad.  But I guess there was this little glimmer inside of me that hoped for more.  We were told their old teacher was going to come back for graduation and bring the picture slide show she had been working on all year.

Well, that is what happens when you get your hopes up.  Someone comes along and sends them crashing back down.  And all it took was one glance at the program.  My five year old daughter was scheduled to sing for me ABCs, wheels on the bus, and itsy bitsy spider.  I think Asher could have gone up and joined her.

There were no adorable graduation get ups.  The kids filed into the room and then sat in chairs for the performance.  So a crowded room full of moms and dads with cameras and then a bunch of sitting five year olds.  You can imagine how ridiculous we all looked trying to get a picture of our kid.

Her new teacher started off the program with an insanely long introduction about how she usually does individual introductions of the children but she doesn't really know our children because she had only had them for a month and a half because of an illness in her family she wasn't able to get more involved.... and she just kept talking and talking, mostly about how much she didn't know our children.

If this wasn't odd enough, the back of the program had a letter from the new teacher eloquently expressing how much she would miss our children and how much they had affected her life... of course not enough to learn all of their names.

My least favorite assistant was there again, this time all dressed up in her Victoria Secret lounge wear.

I did like Miss Megan though...

And, to top it all off, Ms. Moscado did not make an appearance and nobody seems to know anything about all of the pictures that were taken during the school year.  Awesome.

Scarlet did a great job at the program.  She got her certificate and really enjoyed the treats and a last chance to hang with her preschool buddies.

Scarlet and Sofia

Scarlet and Jane

Jane, Scarlet, Sofia, Nicole & Ellie

When we got home, I pulled out the camera and had Scarlet sing for me some of the adorable preschool songs she has learned over the year.  I have no explanation to you why these were not on the program.

Oh well.  Onto Kindergarten we go!


Samantha and Tyrel Ross said...

Well hopefully Kindergarten goes better for her and you!!

Peggy Dee said...

I've been catching up on your last couple of posts that I missed when we were gone. So hilarious! I'm sorry for your preschool situation but it sure made for entertaining reading. Ha ha! I love the videos of Scarlet!! She's so smart. I hope kindergarten poses some sort of challenge for her!!

Katie said...

I feel so guilty right now for leaving my school mid-semester. Luckily, I at least left a new group of kids who hadn't had me yet. Still.

Also, what is with the teaching assistant's wardrobe? Isn't there some kind of dress code? Abominable.

Kristy said...

Scarlet looks so grown up, it's crazy. That program sounds major ghetto.

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

What a bummer! At least Scarlet is adorable!