Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Most Awesome Truck Driver I Have Ever Met

Some of the best stories from 'back in the day' that Jon shares with me are about his brother, Swen.  Most of the time they are great for a laugh... sometimes they make me nervous that I have two boys in a row... but one of my favorites is when Jon talks about how much Swen likes driving big vehicles.

I think part of the fascination is I get nervous driving a suburban.  All is fine and dandy until any creative parking is needed.  Not Swen.  Jon swears that Swen was adamant that his dream job when he grew up was to be a bus driver.  He used to wake up long before the sun and spend all day on a combine ridealong, come home 12 hours later and think it was the best day ever.  

His previous employment opportunities have allowed him access to not as many big vehicles but very fun vehicles.  He rented out boats, jet skis, snow mobiles and other fun toys.  But his latest career change has him in the driver's seat.  Literally.

Meet Uncle Swenny's latest ride:

It is a complete understatement to say that my kids thought touring Swen's truck was awesome.  They now can't understand why we live in a boring old house.  

I honestly took a moment to imagine myself maneuvering this beast of a machine even for a few feet and went into a slight panic mode.  Oh the things I would run over...

This was also the first time Swen got to meet Asher.  They hit it off right away.  Asher immediately recognized Swen's awesomeness.  I could tell. 

Now we just really hope his new job takes him through Vegas as often as possible.  

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Mindy said...

Having never met Swen and now seeing the first photo of you standing next to him, btw you are not a large person-just tall, I totally see the 'Jon is the runt of the family' comparison. :D