Sunday, April 22, 2012

Field Trip

Sewing Club has become so much more than a club of people that sew.  We take that simple title to include oh so many different adventures.  

We expanded our definition once again this past week.  We went on our first field trip.  Our intended destination: the goat farm.  

We drove just on the outskirts of town, following a friend who knew the way.  I still would have driven right by it if I hadn't been paying attention.  It was basically someone with a little house and a lot of property who decided to turn it into a ranch.  There were cows, chickens, roosters, a whole yard full of dogs, and, of course, goats.

The kids got to explore the property and then the farmers handed them a Styrofoam cup.  They got to fill the bottom with chocolate milk powder and then hand their cups back to the farmer.

Then right before their very eyes, the farmer squirted milk straight from the goat into their cups.

They handed the warm frothy cups back to the kids to stir and drink their fresh chocolate goat milk.

They LOVED it!  I am not sure warm milk is really my thing but it was cool to be able to show my kids where food comes from and to try something out of the norm.  
Yes, Rhode did choose his own shoes for the occasion.  I have finally ruled that cowboy boots are not proper shorts attire.  He whole heartedly disagrees with  me, but I usually win out in the end.

We went home with smiles and a gallon of goats milk.  Asher is still a little dairy sensitive and is not a fan of any of the formula options available to him.  So he has been doing a goat milk/carrot juice + supplements formula.  To use a Peggy phrase, how granola of me right?  But he loves it and is handling it really well.  So, the gallon of goats milk went to good use.

Sewing club, is there anything we can't do?


Mindy said...

No, not really. We, I mean you, made the group so we have rights to say what we can do. :D I had a lot of fun.

Peggy Dee said...

I always wondered where chocolate milk comes from??? What an adventure! How fun.

Katie said...

A few things:

1. I want to be in your sewing club. Do you welcome beginners and people who are unsure about milk squirted into a foam cup? I'm willing to try.

2. Scarlett looks so grown up in that last shot!

3. You are pretty much awesome. I've always known this, but every time I read your blog, this fact is solidified even further.

Kristy said...

Rhode is rockin' the cowboy boots.