Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Clothes & Card

I would have never thought as a child that I would ever be relieved that Christmas was over. I still love the Christmas season with all my heart but normalcy ain't half bad, ya know? My sewing machine has been put away and I will be ignoring it for a good month or so. By then we should be on better terms. Sometimes you just need a little time apart to appreciate one another yet again.

I made the Christmas pajamas this year, mostly because Scarlet was begging for a nightgown. I have searched high and low for a decent nightgown for her (at a decent price) and struck out everywhere. So, out comes the handy dandy sewing machine.

And when you are already making a full nightgown, two pairs of pajama bottoms are hardly a drop in the Christmas crafting bucket.
Adding footies on the bottom of Asher's pajama bottoms might have seemed unnecessary... but I kind of love them.

Love these guys too.
Speaking of love, I really loved their Christmas outfits this year.

They were all thrift store finds, even the boy's matching shirts (talk about a score!). I thought Scarlet's dress was just beautiful. She dug it too.

Jon literally took 100 pictures of this pose hoping Asher would look at the camera. Yeah, that would be a big no.

And finally, the Christmas Card. I think after this year we are just going to have to stop sending cards for a few years. The pressure to outdo himself has put Jon a little over the edge.


My dad loves to show our card to his patients at the office. And more often than not, they will say, "Wow what an adventurous family!"

Then a moment of silence.

"Wait, that's not a real picture is it?"

Isn't it?


Kylie said...

I have the cutest niece and nephews on the planet. Seriously. And I am super duper impressed with scarlet's Christmas hair!

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

So cute! I am trying to talk myself into a craft project for Em's birthday lol But it hasn't been enough time since Christmas. Love the Christmas outfits and your card.

Mindy said...

Jane would pull out our card to show people to. Too funny. The kids look awesome! I also love Scarlet's hair. :D

Heidi Noel said...

Love the card! You are so cute.

Samantha and Tyrel Ross said...

Way to go crafty mom!! I like to sew but I don't do clothes!!! I only do straight lines!! HAHAHA. Way to go on the thrift store finds. I wish we had decent thrift stores here!! Looks like you are all doing well and it greats to be back in the blogging world!!

Campbell Family said...

Your card was my favorite of the bunch this year! I laughed every time I looked at it, each person is priceless in it! You are really going to have a hard time outdoing yourself, but PLEASE don't stop with the Christmas cards!!

Katie said...

Great card! You are so creative!