Monday, December 12, 2011

My Baby

This is a post about Asher. My regularly ignored, underappreciated little guy. But before we talk about him, we are going to shove him into the corner one more time and talk about a big moment for my first baby.

I thought this moment would never happen.

My four year old not only shed not a single tear around Santa Claus but also sat on his lap and put in her Christmas request. It was amazing.

I prepped her for the moment while walking into the store the day before.

"Scarlet, remember that party we go to at the church that Santa Claus comes to?"

"Yeah..." she definitely seemed wary.

"Well that party is tomorrow. Do you think you are going to want to see Santa and tell him what you want for Christmas?"

"Oh yeah mom!" in full confidence. "Four year olds are not afraid of Santa. Kids are only afraid of Santa when they are 1 and 2 and 3. I am four mom."

Rhode was the wary one of the bunch this year but we still got him to talk to the guy in red. That kid will do anything for a candy cane.

My first picture of all my kids on Santa's lap since Scarlet was 9 months old. A good moment.

Okay, back to Asher. He is somehow already four months old. I know most mom's have this dilemma but it is always a little trippy when it feels equally like they were just born and they have been in your life forever.

Three months old was a rough age for this kid. He has some pretty strong food sensitivities that I was figuring out all month. While we sorted through the good and bad foods, he rewarded my efforts with 20-30 minute naps and not much longer stretches at night.

Thankfully four month old Asher is a dream baby.

Not such a dream that he would smile on command for my impromptu photo shoot this evening but pretty dreamy nonetheless. He is now a fantastic nap taker, a decent night sleeper and Mr. Happy and Content the rest of the time. Now I just have to not eat milk, chocolate, and eggs for the next long while and I get to keep this happy little dude.

Some babies are kind enough to only have a distaste for lactose, which gives moms a few more dairy options. Asher is not so kind. I am off all forms of dairy including butter and anything that even has milk on its ingredient list. I eat cereal with rice milk. If that isn't love I don't know what is.

He looks a lot like Scarlet as a baby... only more like Scarlet on Weight Watchers.

Asher at four months.

Scarlet at four months

And for comparison's sake, Rhode at four months.

Notice the lack of the Nielsen baby signature chub? At last check (last week) Asher is only a hair under 16 lbs. 50th percentile. Seriously. I have a baby who is of average weight. Thankfully he is 26" and in the 90th percentile for height... he is definitely ours.

He is still about as kind as a baby can be to his older siblings. They are loving in the most violent of ways and he just puts up with them.
I love that picture. His brother and sister get tons of smiles and giggles from this guy. He thinks they are hilarious. Even when they are on the verge of suffocating him. What a trooper.

He even has a few tricks. He loves opening and closing his hand and if you do the same action to him, he will do it right back at you. Nothing is more fun than saying, "Look my baby can wave!" and then pulling out this little number. It truly is about the little joys in life.

And as of tonight, he is also a boy aloft.

He can hold this for a good five minutes or so before getting bored and tumbling down. Maybe his slimmer size makes for easier balance. At least for a few minutes or so.

This guy is definitely a keeper.


Angie said...

"Oh he's so cute. I want to touch his face."-Qiana

Brad said...

Glad to see the kids not afraid of Santa anymore. Maybe this year they will keep quiet when he comes in and not make him laugh...

stout family said...

can i just eat him up now? well, i might not get too full...but he is edible nonetheless!!!

duke of earl said...

babies laughing = awesome...

Tiffany Fackrell said...

my 4 year old still wouldn't sit on santa's lap. but she did sit next to him and with a little convincing she finally told him what she wanted. Bridger on the other hand climbed right up and made himself comfy on santa's lap! HA!

I couldn't eat those same three things while nursing Cambree. just beware when you start drinking milk and eggs again go sooo slow or you will make yourself sick! And she doesn't have any issues with them now. so hopefully Asher will be the same. good luck with christmas treats this year. you won't put on the holiday pounds like the rest of us will! see their is a plus side to it right!?

Brenda Goodrich said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again---your kids are most adorable and I'm so impressed with you as a mommy, Kacey! Elliott could get Claire to laugh like that just by walking by in the room. Emily couldn't even get her to crack a smile, no matter how much she cajoled and teased her. Sounds like Asher is entertained by both of his siblings:)

Brenda Goodrich said...
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Kristy said...

Love the Santa picture and I still say that I am Asher's favorite aunt.

Campbell Family said...

All my babies have been very milk-intolerant! I also couldn't eat ANYTHING with "milk" in the ingredients, and that's a lot more than I ever thought! However, there is one kind of brownie mix that does NOT contain milk, and I ate MANY of those. Also, Oreos are a good no-milk treat. Plus side: it's the best diet ever (if you don't eat too many brownies and Oreos).