Sunday, September 25, 2011

You're Sure It's Not the Terrible Threes...

Rhode can be the sweetest, funniest, cutest, nicest boy alive, he really can. I have to remind myself of that these days...
He has just been a little bit trouble than usual. Sacrament meetings used to be completely bearable and are now almost impossible with me distracted by Asher and Rhode constantly having to be taken out into the hall. When friends are over and someone is crying, these days 90% of the time Rhode is at fault. And every small request is met with a devastatingly sad "I don't want to!" followed by the loss of control of all of his limbs.

Let me tell ya, it's tons of fun.

Of course, now that I think back, last year when I tried to blog about his birthday I was too enraged by his ravioli poking/food color disasters to focus on the good. He isn't nearly as destructive as he was then.... maybe there is hope for four year old Rhode!

All over-exaggerations aside, we had a fun little birthday get together. We celebrated his third birthday on the 13th with a small get together with friends. Our plan is to have family birthdays on odd years and friend birthdays on even years but since we don't actually have family in the area, we usually include our Las Vegas adopted family.

And for providing little on my end, Rhode got hooked up with some great birthday gear.

His favorite from mom and dad was this kid sized tent.

My kids are obsessed with tents. It is exhausting walking through Big 5 or any other outdoor themed store as they cannot help but make their way through every camp set up.

The tent is now set up in his room and has been his bed more often than not for the past week. We will call that one a $6 clearance winner.

My favorite of the day was his new super hero cape courtesy of our friends, the Warrens.

One side, Batman's super sidekick, Rhodeman.

The other side, Rhode's favorite super hero, Spiderman (he can sing the whole theme song even though he has never seen any kind of Spiderman show in his life)

Scarlet got hooked up with a cape of her own.


And Super Ballerina Girl!
But the overall crowd favorite of the evening was from Grammy (Grandma Peggy's new name, just go with it)... shocker I know.

A 3 hole mini golf set.

As is Nielsen tradition, Rhode also got a bike. While Scarlet had to ditch the pacifier to score a bike, Rhode's habits to break were peeing in his underwear (as discussed previously) and sucking his thumb. Habits aren't completely gone, but significant strides have been made so we went with it. So far neither of our children are naturally inclined to bicycle riding greatness but there are definite signs of improvement. We might actually get to leave the 30 feet we practice on in front of our house someday!

My other son is much more cooperative... but doesn't sleep as well at night as Rhode does so we'll call it a draw there. Asher is officially two months old today. To commemorate, here is a video of his two best tricks.

Okay, they are his only tricks.

No, one of his tricks is not saying ma ma. But it sure gets him in a chatty mood!


Angie said...

I think Q's got whatever Rhode has. I'm pretty sure it's the terrible three's. :)

um, those capes are amazing!!!

Mindy said...

Awesome! We love Rhode at our house. And Asher is adorable. Ok so is Scarlet. You guys just have cute kids.

Kristy said...

I miss your children and I'm excited to see Asher in a few weeks.

Peggy Dee said...

Rhode is too cute. So hard to get mad at him! Those capes are adorable!! And the kids aren't bad either.

Campbell Family said...

Phew, glad to hear about Rhode because Emerson makes us ALL work really hard to keep sane sometimes (okay, well, most of the time). We call him "the little bother". I keep hoping he'll grow out of it, but afraid it might be his personality.

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

Those capes are adorable! I love them. Can not believe he is three and that you have three. Such a cute little video :)

Samantha and Tyrel Ross said...

So I just learned this saying and I believe it true!


Two people I know told me they are just liking their child again now that they are four. So that gave me some hope for Trip and hopefully some hope you and Rhode!!

Angie Larkin said...

The three's are the worst. I've always said this. There's my wise grandma input for you.

Those capes are so freakin amazing.

Evan loves Spiderman. He loves it so much that all other toys become Spidery. The recent fave is SpiderLion. SpiderLion has two sons who "got DNA" called SpiderCheetahs.
He's been watching the old 1960's version of the cartoon. I was okay with that til one of the villians was Adolph Hitler and they were searching for the Hidden Nazi Treasure. It was very awkward.

I love to hear about your life. You make me laugh every time!!