Sunday, September 11, 2011

Let's Just Do Everything at Once!

We had a fantastic Labor Day weekend. Crazy, busy, jam packed, but definitely fantastic. Our Labor Day weekend included:

1) visits from both sides of our family
2) Asher's blessing
and on a complete side note
3) Jon and my 6th anniversary.

The anniversary received exactly this much attention... by the way, our anniversary is today. Really? Awesome, still love you. Love you too.

The end.

Anniversary celebration, not really our thing. But blessing celebrations, totally got that one done and done well.

Our visitors arrived Friday night and Saturday morning. Our crew included the college kids

Brad and Kylie with extra special guest Breanna Haddican.

Representing Jon's family we have the Marshalls
Oh how we love the Marshalls. The boys in our group spent Saturday golfing and watching the BYU game. The rest of us planned on going out on the town with the remaining crew but instead Cara and I spent the whole morning chatting while our kids were happy just playing together. It was awesome.

Sunday morning, all 16 of us not only managed to get ready for church in our 2 1/2 bathrooms (some even scored a hot shower) but they were also kind enough to be ready 30 minutes early for a photo shoot.

My nieces and nephews are the cutest ever. If I didn't think so well of Cara and Ben's parenting I would totally steal Eden away from them. I thought Scarlet was helpful until I had an 11 year old baby enthusiast with me all weekend. I miss her...

I kind of love this attempt at a family picture. Doesn't it just capture the moment that is getting children to all look at the camera at the same time?

And the moment. Two of three children looking at the camera, I will call that a winner.

We ran out of time (and I kind of forgot) to take pictures of just Asher in his adorable little baby tux but we did get some mom and baby shots.

Rhode wore the same little outfit on his blessing day only he was a little older and a lot fatter. It was a serious "fat guy in a little coat" situation. The suit fit Asher much better.
The blessing was beautiful. I was so excited to have Brad there, it is the first time someone from my side of the family was able to be in the circle.

Sunday also included a delicious (if I may say so myself) meal with our guests and friends.

Our college visitors took off Sunday evening. Turns out they had better Labor day plans than hanging with us... or so they thought. Little did they know we were headed to the most magical place within 30 minute driving distance of Las Vegas.

How sad it is they missed out on this marvel of mankind making?
And, double feature, check out the new bridge.
Plus who would ever want to miss out on the chance to make some good "dam" jokes?!

Check out this dam picture with this dam adorable little girl?

That is one dam cute chubby baby with his cute sister!

Okay, not my best dam jokes (I had some killer ones that day, had Eden and Hawkins rolling with laughter) but seriously, aren't those some great baby cheeks? My kids are obsessed with little baby Barrett. They keep asking me when Asher will be as fun as their six month old cousin.
"In 5 months," I tell them.

They keep eyeing Asher doubtfully...


Brad said...

Bummer we didn't stick around to see hoover dam with your dam kids. That would have been fun.

Earl Family said...

Another great post, Kacey! You look fabulous by the way. What's your secret?

The Cattelain Family said...

You celebrate anniversaries the same way we do! And I love the family pic!