Sunday, February 21, 2010

This is what we do sometimes

Sometimes Scarlet and I play beauty shop. She does my hair, I paint her nails, we put on makeup and have some serious girly time. And though mom is a fun dress up buddy, occasionally Scarlet finds one that is even more fun.

It is amazing the things dad is willing to do for a kiss.

Sometimes, Rhode acts a bit too much like a young aunt Kristy... and we all get a little fearful.

Thankfully, unlike Kristy, Rhode's bucket-on-the-head phase lasted about five minutes instead of five months.

Rhode is always learning new skills. Sometimes he practices on inanimate objects.

Sometimes he goes in for the real thing.

I think he might have gotten some good practice in too because little Charlie now sure gets excited when Rhode walks into a room.

Sometimes Jon is out of town for work a little too long and the natives get restless. We occasionally have to find a new beauty parlor player.

Sorry Rhode, we did keep it to only one toe nail.
And sometimes, even though it is only February, we can't help but turn on the hose and have a water fight.

When everyone else is sitting in snow and we are kickin back in 75 degree weather, sometimes I even can admit Las Vegas has its perks.

But only sometimes.


Angie Larkin said...

That pic of Kristy looks like Scarlett! I was thinking of you last week when I discovered an ice cream thing. Don't you love stuff in your ice cream? Humor me and try plain vanilla with a bunch of Rice Crispies on top. Just trust me.

Gui said...

Love it, as always! Can't wait to see you this week...I must ask again, why don't we live closer?

Samantha and Tyrel Ross said...

I have to admit 75 sounds nice right now. My boys need spring!! They want to be outside but only last so long on their own. We are getting a little stir crazy here inside.

Katie said...

The last picture of Rhode is precious! 75 degrees sounds amazing. I'm jealous.

Stacie said...

Aw, what a good Daddy! I don't know what it would take to convince Madison's daddy to do that.

And I do agree with you, Vegas certainly does have its perks. Too bad those perks don't stick around year long!

Kristy said...

Oh, just wait a few years from now Rhode will bring my bucket-hat back into style. Totally jealous of your 75 degree weather and love Rhode in nail polish just don't let him carry around a purse like Uncle Bryan!

Peggy Dee said...

I want to play! I want 75 degree weather! How come you guys get to have all the fun?