Sunday, October 25, 2009

For Lack of a Better Name...

You know how everyone is all of a sudden crafty? It seems like I can't blog stalk for one minute without being bombarded by how uncreative I am compared to every other mom on the block. Well, a friend of mine and I spent months aww-ing over adorable patterns and templates. And we grumbled about the dang kids who are both the reason we want to make things and the reason we don’t have time to make them.

Then, we reached our limit and came up with a plan. We would just have to ignore all other responsibilities and get some projects started. We really wracked our brains and came up with our very creative title of sewing club. The name really does not capture the essence that is sewing club. Sewing club is equal parts insanity and creativity, quality girl time and chaos. One day a week, a group of us, including all babies and kids of various ages, meet at my house for about four hours and try to complete a project. We get amazingly little done. What should have been a half hour project will likely take the entire four hours while the more intense designs take a few meetings to complete.

Why does it take so long? Well, let’s take last week for an example. We had 7 moms in attendance and 15 kids. Between sharing ideas, trying to figure out how to actually follow a pattern, unjamming the sewing machine again, feeding starving children, herding them back outside, breaking up fights, fixing owies and chatting about every topic under the sun, there is little time left.

Oh, and of course wrestling our supplies away from the crawlers.

We had an interesting incident a few weeks ago after one of the children insisted on pulling his mother outside to look at a spider. I was thinking how grateful I was it wasn’t my child when the mom is suddenly pulling me out the door with her and telling me to bring my camera. Here’s what we found.

Crazy huh? It was on the most intricate, enormous web in the corner of my backyard. I am not one for insect life but for a creepy crawly, it is pretty cool looking. Sadly, the spider met an untimely death shortly after. He will be missed… yeah not really but more than I have ever missed any other spider in my life.

Though we don’t get much done, we do get something done. Which is way more than I could say about my craftiness pre-sewing club. This has been going on for a few months now so it might actually look like we have accomplished a lot!

Since most of the products were made for her, Scarlet will serve as my model
One of our first projects was hooded towels.

Then there was hair bow week. We came up with these fun little creations.

We then found a pattern to turn a men’s shirt into a toddler dress.

I am so sad I didn't take a picture of the shirt before I cut it up. It turned out pretty fun though.

If you can see, the buttons down the back of the dress are the buttons from the front of the shirt.

Scarlet is also sporting her mom’s other project, fabric flowers.

And, most recently, we have my latest crochet project.

I was hoping to get a group picture last week but it was cancelled due to kid sickness.

Even when we get nothing accomplished, the kids destroy the backyard and front room, and my husband complains because he has once again sat on a errant pin, I still absolutely love sewing club. It is one of the happiest times of my week. So to all my sewing club ladies, thank you for all the memories made and all the ones to come.

Next on the sewing agenda, little boys church ties. Stay tuned!


A Bug's Life said...

I feel completely defeated by all the "craftiness" going on as well. Way to take charge and teach yourself. They all look amazing--esp your crochet project. love it. daishan

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

I love them all too! jealous of your craftiness and wish I could join in. Alas my mom does all the crafty projects for my child.

lysh said...

I had no idea that you are so crafty! I know that you are capable of doing whatever you set your mind to but didn't know the love of crafts that exsists in you! Well done!

Kimmy said...

Yeah, I am seriously impressed. Sewing is one of the "crafty" things that really intimidates me. Good for you! And it sounds like you're having fun with friends while you're at it. :)

Peggy Dee said...

Who crochets anymore? Let alone crocheting clothing?? You are my hero!

Samantha and Tyrel Ross said...

Wow I am so impressed. I had no idea that you would be into a sewing club so intensly!! Way to go!! I hope this is a girl so I can get into some cute sewing projects

Earl Family said...

I am in awe right now.

You are amazing. Well done!

Gui said...

I am so jealous you have this in your week. I wish I had the space, than I would too, maybe. LOL

The Petersens said...

Your dress turned out great!!!

Katie said...

SO impressive! You go, girl!

Samantha said...

Ash and I were talking on the phone today and we mentioned this crazy post. You can't say that you aren't crafty and then CROCHET A DRESS! That is the epitome of craftiness!

So so cute.

Susan said...

Great Job!! Love the dress made from a shirt!!