Sunday, October 18, 2009

A blur...

For the life of me I do not know where this last month has gone. Time is rushing by me faster than I can manage to grasp. All of a sudden I have a one year old child and my little newborn baby is gone. My first little baby has turned into a talking, singing, intelligently silly girl. And “the holidays” are absolutely around the corner. Where did September go people?!

But first things first. Before any more time passes and the kid turns two, here is a little insight on my not-so-fabulous first birthday party for Rhode.

I really try to care about my kids’ first birthdays but I just really don’t. I need a little more recognition from the receiver as motivation for extra effort. But, even in its pathetic-ness, it was still a nice little get together.

Some of Rhode’s closest friends came over. Well, some of my closest friends came over and brought their babies of various ages that Rhode loves to whack and take toys from. Same thing, right?

We had some good food, good conversation, and good play time for the kids until I realized the guest of honor had not actually joined the party from his afternoon nap. So I peeked in to see how the little guy was doing. This is what I found.

Rhode was a little dazed when I brought his more sturdily wrapped behind downstairs. I thought a little cake would wake him up. Oh, the cake. I was so embarrassed by it I almost didn’t let Jon take a picture. Let me explain. I wasn’t planning much on the cake front but I did want Rhode to have a cake just for him. So I made him a little two layer number that would be perfect for grabbing a whole handful.

While people were walking in the door I was scrambling to make some frosting. I don’t know what I did wrong but it was REALLY thin. I tried to add some food coloring for a little bit of creativity. I’m still not sure how I created the teal sea monster green shade.

So with no further ado, my son’s one year old birthday cake.

Anyone else feel like they are at a Mad Hatter tea party that went really wrong?

Rhode was obviously traumatized by the green monstrosity in front of him. He wouldn’t touch it for a million dollars. That is until some of the other kids braved the blob and showed Rhode how it was done.

He caught on quickly.

I let him tear at his presents, which he thoroughly enjoyed doing.

And now the reaction. What would he think of his new set of cars from the Stouts?

Success! Dang maybe we should have started with mom and dad’s gift…

Relief, he likes ours too.

I have so enjoyed this little boy. He is a bundle of chubs and smiles and I just want to kiss him all day long. He is going through a major mommy loving phase and I constantly find him on my lap or being carried on my hip before I realize I have actually picked him up yet again!
He has a few words. Mostly mama and dada but we get the occasional byebye, baba, and all done (ah da!). He just popped down a top tooth to raise the molar meter to three. No solid walking yet but he let go of the couch just last week and took about four steps to get to me. We’ll take it!

Now onto the rest of our month. Our good friends, the Stouts, got themselves a big old family car. We like to call it the fancy beast. First, their diesel excursion was just called the beast for obvious reasons. Any car that sounds like the school bus pulling up in front of your house deserves the nickname. But inside, it is one luxury looking car with dvd player and everything. Thus, fancy beast.

The best part about the fancy beast is we can now carpool. How many babies in car seats can you fit in the fancy beast?

Yeah that would be six. Three of Ashley’s, one extra she babysits, and my two. We looked like we were unloading the clown car when we got to the park. People passing by wondered if the train of babies coming from one car would ever end.

But we found this great city park. A good set of swings, slides for little kids, and a water park right in the middle of it.

Child heaven!

I tried to get Scarlet to stand in this spot where water would spray up around her in a circle without spraying her. She lasted just until the water started rising, then panicked and got some serious water in the face as she escaped from the circle of impending doom.
Bennett obliged as my new model.

I love this picture of the kids getting completely dumped on.

And finally, a little more fun in the Nielsen backyard. I know if I leave the kids with dad too long in the backyard, I am going to want to pull out the camera. Or save them from immanent death/injury.

This time, he found a solution to the age old problem. What do you do with two kids and one swing?

Pull some cirque du soliel style tricks!

And when that is not enough to keep daddy amused, make the baby stand.

I am speaking in Sacrament meeting in about two hours and teach Sunday School an hour after that. I think I should maybe start working on that…


Peggy Dee said...

I need a grandchild fix! I miss my babies!! Does Scarlet still remember how much she likes me? Great pictures and stories. It's the next best thing to being there!

Gui said...

I agree, September and now it looks like October are going by in a blur. I need to call you. Let's play, regularly. Great story.

angie said...

should I be concerned that Rhode seems much more advanced that Q and is only a couple weeks older...maybe she'll just have to rely on her looks.

Love that last picture of the kids on the swings. :)

Katie said...

I second Angie's comment. I love the last swing shot: priceless! Your kids are pretty much adorable.

Angie Larkin said...

Love that last photo! Cirque du soleil! Ha!

Angie Larkin said...

p.s. we just scored a free big screen t.v.! SYTYCD is really awesome on a big screen...just sayin'...

Stacie said...

The fancy beast! HAHAHA!!!

I don't know where this month has gone, either. But I'm uber glad lots of Thursdays have been spent at your house for Sewing Club!

The Cattelain Family said...

Ha! Two swing...cirque du soleil...hilarious!