Sunday, July 5, 2009

What a Peach

My blogging always lags when I spend time in Moses Lake. But now that we are back and settled for awhile, it is time to come back to the blog.

We had a good time in Washington. Jon came up with the kids and I on Thursday the 18th. After making that flight without the extra set of hands a few times, I REALLY appreciated having him on the flight. We were up there to film Today's Generation dance recital to make their dvd of the show. They perform three shows on Saturday, it is a seriously long day for those of us who love dance. For those less inclined to enjoying preschoolers shaking their booties in cute sparkly costumes for the millionth time, it can be pretty tiresome. But Jon survived yet again. I think his new saving grace is spending the last show filming up in the rafters. He took Bryan up with him this year and I think they both enjoyed the show more with the added altitude.

Jon left Sunday night while Scarlet, Rhode and I hung out for another week. Of course, to our great timing, also leaving that Sunday were Tricia (foreign exchange student), Bryan (to BYU basketball camp), and Kylie and Kendall (girls camp). So it was down to Courtney, my parents, my kids and me. And, Courtney was running a workshop at the studio the week we were there. So several time I found myself alone with my kids at the house washing dishes, making dinner, playing with my kids and waiting for work to be done so someone else would join us. More than once I thought, how is this different than my normal life? Then I remembered

1 - way bigger house with way more Scarlet-distracting toys,
2 - television and Tivo
3 - a good 20 degrees cooler outside

So even with the lack of company on occasion it was still a very pleasant trip.

And since we have been home Rhode had just come to life. He is cruising everywhere, pulling himself to standing whenever he can, and insisting that the world of blended food is no longer for him. He prefers handling his own eating.

We got back and have been on our toes ever since. We had a baby "open house" shower for this adorable little one on Wednesday.

Little Charlie Grace you melt my heart!

Jon and I got to go to the temple on Thursday for the first time in a long time. I can't even admit how long it has been. So so sad. But it was really great and now we have a couple that we can regularly trade off baby watching/temple going with so hopefully we will not return to our slacker ways.

Then Friday we got to get our SYCYCD on. Since the "digital transition" me and all the 60+ crowd have lost our antennae signal and, with it, FOX. To save us from the horror that is a So You Think You Can Dance-free summer, our friends offered to Tivo and share. So with good food and a good crowd and some dang good entertainment we had a great evening.

And of course following a week like that, it was the Fourth of July! We had nothing going on and the more we asked around it seemed to be the general consensus. So we threw together a barbecue, set up the kiddie pool, one friend made a run to Moapa for fireworks and we threw together a really fun little party. There were ribs, corn, burgers, and even some homemade ice cream.

We had kind of a crazy start to Saturday morning. Jon and I were both helping at the ward 4th of July breakfast which started at a cruel 7:00. My alarm was set for 6 but thanks to Scarlet and an incident with which I will spare you the gory details, we were wide awake by 5. After a morning in the sun with the kids in our ward, Scarlet was exhausted by 11 and proceeded to sleep away the next 4 1/2 hours. It was awesome.

But as you can imagine she woke up groggy and hungry. We were cleaning the backyard for the party so I stuck Scarlet in front of a show with a sippy of juice and a nectarine while Rhode practiced his latest crawling skills and tried to find more things to shove in his cheeks and headed outside.

I walked in a few minutes later to find Scarlet gone and Rhode like this.

I then hear Scarlet bawling from the top of the stairs, yelling my name.

"What is it sweetie?"

"Rhode took my PEACH!"

"Scarlet, you steal things from your brother all day long and yet he somehow wrestled the peach out of your hand and you couldn't get it back?"

"But mom, he took my PEACH!"

I am thinking this might the beginning of the end of my children getting along. Sibling rivalry... here we come.


Kristy said...

Awesome story. Go Rhode, he's just like me, picking on his older sibling. I only hope he will be as vicious as I was.

angie said...

so jealous of rhode's crawling abilities (qiana has no interest)....not so jealous of the mess you had to clean up.

Samantha and Tyrel Ross said...

I love how a lot of your posts show some fun messes!! You have a lot of good stories of child mischief!! They crack me up!!

Marie Davies said...

Geez your kids are so dang cute. Thank you for a distraction from bar studying...please post more!

Stacie said...

I loved your catch up!

I'm actually so sad to see Rhode standing and crawling. Now he's going to start to lose the chub on his wrists! I love that chub.

Angie Larkin said...

Even though I got a preview of "the Great Peach incindent of 2009" I had to come and read your spin on it. Worth it.

stout family said...

what a great catch up...i think your kids just do some dang funny stuff!