Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's my happy day!

It took me the whole week leading up to her birthday to get Scarlet to say how old she is. Now when you ask, her face lights up and she screams, 'I'n TWO!' while holding up one finger. Close enough right? The best part is every time Jon would overhear us practicing, he would get a nervous look on his face and say, 'wait, is she already two?'

I got a few of Scarlet's friends together for a morning at the park and lunch at McDonalds. When I asked her that week what she wanted to eat on her birthday, she took a few seconds to ponder, then turned to me and said, 'cake.' Not because she has any idea you usually eat cake on her birthday, girl just likes cake. I was kinda looking for more of a food item so I asked again, and she came back with, 'fries.' I'm raising her well, can't you tell?

Sam brought down her almost two year olds, Kate and Owen and Ashley brought her boys, Blaze and Bennett. They proceeded to run amok at the park for the next hour. It is kind of a widely spaced park which means you can't just keep track of them from a nice, quiet distance. Not great planning on my part. The kids had a blast, but I would have much rather chatted with the moms than have to ask every two seconds, 'anyone seen Scarlet?'

They all loved the slide

and the swings.

Bennett even attempted the spin seat.

Then we took our crew across the street to McDonalds. We let Blaze, Bennett and Scarlet hold each other's hand on the way to the car. It was just so cute. I especially love how you can tell one of them is being reprimanded.
We all piled into a booth with a large order of chicken nuggets and fries and let the kids gorge.

Then, I pulled out Scarlet's cupcakes. I was in an experimental mood, so I tried making the cupcakes with a strawberry and cream cheese filling. Delicious, but unstable. The cupcakes were hard to keep together in an adult hand. I'll let you imagine the state of that poor bench once the group was done mauling their cupcakes. I haven't been back, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were a picture of us on a 'not allowed to eat here again' board.

Tuesday is a busy day at our house. The kids and I head to the dance class I teach in the afternoon and then Jon leaves for mutual right when we get home. So Scarlet, Rhode and I had to wrap up our celebrations without dad. She's two, I am thinking she probably didn't notice.

We finished her room for her birthday (pictures to come) and we also got her a rolling suitcase luggage set. I know, every two year olds dream right? Actually, it was!

Kate and Owen got her a coloring and sticker book. It was her only present that was wrapped (I know, pathetic) and she tore through the paper as fast as she could, her eyes got really wide and she held it up and said, 'whoa!' It was so dang cute.

Of course, Grandma Peggy had to go and trump my present (I realize trumping luggage is pretty dang easy). She got Scarlet a roller coaster.

We just got it set up today and she was giddy through the whole process. I set the car on top and sent her soaring and she absolutely loved it! We ran to the top once again, sent her flying down, but this time she came to a final halt in the bushes. She didn't love that so much.
So the rest of the morning she ditched the car part and did this.

She would say, 'Look mommy, wheeeee' like she was speeding down a slide when actually she slowly scooted herself down the length of the track.

I can't believe she is two! She talks all day long and I actually understand some of the things she says! My favorite thing she does right now is she sings. She loves to sing Dora the Explorer songs, Sesame Street songs, old macdonald, and her nursery songs. She could also live in front of the television if I would let her, and occasionally bring her snacks. She begs me to go to a different friend's house every day. She shouts, 'AMEN!' at the top of her lungs at the end of every prayer in sacrament meeting, especially after the Sacrament prayer because then she gets bread. I just love this girl of mine. Happy Birthday Scarlet!


Earl Family said...

She's two? My how time moves. Happy Birthday Scarlet!!

mptanner said...

Sounds like she had a fantastic time! I remember when I got my little girl a bag on wheels, I thought she could fit a lot in a purse, but oh the things she could fit in a back-pack! I bet Scarlet will love it for a long time :)

Peggy Dee said...

I can't wait to hear her sing. She seems to have a new skill/trick/ability every day! I need her close by (did I say that out loud?)

Samantha and Tyrel Ross said...

what a fun birthday!! I went to a park like that the other day where it was hard to keep track of Cooper. I was bummed, because it was a really cool park, so the next day I opted for a smaller park, not as cool, but I could stay in one place!! What a selfish mom I am!!