Friday, February 20, 2009

V-day Par-tay!

My good friend, Ashley, threw a fun little Valentine's Day party for some kids in our ward on the Friday before Valentine's day. That was officially the extent of my Valentine's Day celebration all weekend. Jon and I are not really Valentine's Day people, I know how lame are we?

Scarlet had a great time though. Of course I pretty much let her eat as much sugar as she wanted, what kid wouldn't have a blast? We were the first to arrive so I got a shot of Ashley's boys, Blaze and Bennett with their decor.

We ate a ton of fun little goodies. Ashley made these amazing sugar cookies on a stick dipped in frosting and sprinkles. I totally felt like a six year old eating it, but in the best of ways. It was just so good! I did control my six year old desires and kept myself to only one of those (finishing the other half of Scarlet's does not count...) Scarlet and I brought brownie bites with a little frosting heart on them. Sadly, she insisted on carrying them in from the car so the hearts got smeared all over the place. Still, how bad could a brownie be?

The kids did a cute little Valentine's craft and then burned off some of their sugar energy outside.

Whatever character Afton was playing (pink sweater) she was way getting into it!
It is quite the interesting phase of life when your idea of a party drops even below the way nerdy mormon college party level to cupcakes and two year olds. Maybe it really is hip to be square...

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