Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's my horn, and I'll toot it if I want to

If our roles as mother and homemaker were run a little bit more like the girl scout program, I would have definitely earned a badge last night. Actually, I think last night was worth two badges. The first badge (and this would be a really big, fancy one) would be the "Baby Shower Hostess" award for my first successfully thrown baby shower. The second badge would be for excellence in decor, ambiance, cuisine, and overall result of said shower. Of course I might lose a few beads for taking all the credit for the shower when, had it just been left up to me, it would have probably been a sad and sorry affair. So Ashley, you can have all of the above badges plus the "Grace" award for keeping your cool while working with a pure ameteur who insists on stealing all your glory. (Applause)

Luckily I captured the night on film so all can bask in our adorableness.
This was our clothesline with little onesies for our new mom, also featured in the picture.
Cynthia (above, niece of Sharon McConkie for all who might care to know) wasn't due to have her little girl until the middle of March. But at 33 weeks, the doctors found fluid in her lungs so little Eliza Jane had to come out the next day. She is still in the NICU but all is looking well and she should be coming home in the next few weeks.
Eliza totally ruined our first shower date by her untimely arrival (you would think newborns would be more cooperative) but we forgave her and had the party a little later. We had a table with pictures of the new tiny little bundle and this book for guests to write their best baby advice.
The opposite wall was adorned with this amazing creation.
And then, there was the food.
'Is that a fruit and cheese platter' you say? Yes, yes it is. There were also fruit topped cheesecake tarts and crackers added to the display later. And the lovely decantur at the end of the table was filled with what turned into a surprisingly good batch of strawberry lemonade made with actual strawberry puree.
After some lovely chatting and the round of ooh's and aah's as Cynthia opened her gifts, the guests were then invited create their own thank you bag from our candy bar.
So dang cute right? All of the truly adorable creations (ie. the book, banner, etc.) were all completely the work of Ashley. The only crafty thing I can claim is the heart blanket and all I did was pay a woman to add the name, but it turned out so well I am claiming full credit anyway.
My bragging time is officially finished. Now you may praise me.


Angie Larkin said...

Yes,yes...praise for an excellent affair. I particularly liked how cool you were about Blaze spilling said strawberry lemonade on the carpet about five times. You girls did a great job and I had a fun time trying to digest all of the great food for the rest of the night sitting straight up in bed. Blast...blast my little Jemma for taking up all the room.

Mindy said...

Oh that looks so cute. GOOD JOB KACEY (and Ashley). You did a wonderful job. I will have to get you to 'assist' in my next baby shower throwing adventure. :D Let's play soooooonnnnnnna.

Peggy Dee said...

You don't usually see the acceptance speech precede the award but whatever. And the Oscar goes to...Kacey for Best Shower Giver (or Supporting Shower Giver depending on how you want to look at it.) No matter who gets all the credit - it looks fabulous!

PS - I think you have been spending too much time with Kristy, if you know what I mean!

stout family said...

LOVE IT!!! Thnaks for dealing with my craziness and 20 phone calls a day! I had a blast planning & hosing with ya!

Earl Family said...
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Marie Davies said...

Ok, this shower was very adorable. But, if (when) you ever host a shower for me, I'm going to expect you to edit a killer Final Cut Pro video montage, complete with the perfect soundtrack.... maybe... um....... "Baby Love"?

Princesses said...

O man Kacey your decorations are so cute. You totally deserve to brag!


I didn't know you knew my cousin Cynthia! That was so weird to run across your site and see a picture of her! I'm glad you were able to throw her a baby shower since the rest of us are too far away to do that for her. She's an amazing person and I'm jealous you got to see Eliza before me! Thank you for giving her a great shower, she deserved a great one!

Cassidy said...

FANCY. I was feeling quite proud of the shower I just threw this past weekend. I'm sad to say that you have put me to shame. W.O.W. Good job.

Ryan and Courtney said...

Move over Martha Stewart!Fabulous work.