Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Jobs I've had: Janitor at Dr. Daves (Myca and I got fired after a few months. Not enough time spent scrubbing puke, too much time cruising down the halls in the wheelchair.), Dance teacher, Editor of Tumbleweed Times (Big Bend's newspaper), T.V. Guide magazine editor for the BYU Channels (mostly involved writing show descriptions for old Parry Mason and I Love Lucy episodes), Producer for NewsNet at Noon at BYU, Producer for Channel 8 News in Las Vegas, Substitute Teacher, and High School P.E. dance teacher (I wish I could have taken dance for P.E. in high school) oh and Mom

Places for a weekend getaway: The beach. Jon would go every weekend if he could get away with it. I love it. I lay in the sand and take a little beach nap while Jon goes and body surfs. I don't think anything makes him happier (besides me of course :)

Movies I can watch over and over again: When you live without TV, watching movies over and over is all you got. Though my biggest guilty pleasure watch is Princess Diaries... 1 & 2. And any movie with an ending dance scene... Center Stage, Sister Act 2... love em.

Guilty pleasures: TV Shows on DVD I rent from the library (totally into ER right now, the first few season's were so awesome!), Chocolate in any form, sleeping in

Places I've lived: Provo, California, Moses Lake, Ghana, New York City, Las Vegas

What I first thought when I saw Jon Wayne: What kind of guy goes by a cowboy name?! I thought he was a little too outspoken and too short for me. One of my friends was interested so I didn't give him a second thought that first meeting.

Places I've been on vacation: All over the U.S., Paris, Mexico, Canada (I miss Big White), Caribbean, Japan, Hawaii,

Favorite foods: Cereal, Chocolate, All forms of candy (except black licorice...eew) if there was a sugar diet I would be set for life.

If I'm in a jam with Jon, tactics I use to get out of the doghouse: I've been in trouble once in the 2 years we've been married. Don't get me wrong, he gets me mad all the time. A really good homemade meal when he gets home usually gets him in a good mood.

Websites I visit daily:blogs, hotmail,

First kiss location: Jon - back of his truck at a drive-in movie. First first kiss - Orlando, Florida

Places I'd rather be right now: A beach, any warm sandy beach... but I want Jon there too.

People I tag: Read this and haven't already filled one out? I tag you.

And here's a random picture of Kendall. I just thought she looked so cute I couldn't resist


Kimmy said...

I think you've had the most interesting set of jobs out of anyone so far!

Samantha & Tyrel Ross said...

I believe you missed one of the best vactions ever!!! Panama Canal!!! (Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Cozumel, Costa Rica!!! That was a fun spontaneous trip!

Ashley said...

It was great to see you and Scarlett!!

mumovearls said...

so funny