Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Arizona Style

Our school took the week before Halloween off for their term break.  Jon couldn't get away from work so the kids and I hit the road to Phoenix!  We crashed at Brad and Jules house and livened up their house a bit :)  "Livened up their house" is a nice way of saying we were loud and messy and only occasionally destructive.  Thank goodness they love us.

Jules did a ton of research of fun Halloween activities going on this week and we had an awesome place to visit every day.  Pumpkin patches, corn mazes, hay rides, we did it all and it was all a ton of fun.  We even had a fun morning at the park.

How great is Kylie's Halloween teacher vest?

Owen is the cutest ever.

Scarlet and Rhode both loved being in charge of their baby cousin Owen... he occasionally loved it back :)

Fun story.  We carted down a couch for Kylie and Stephen for their brand new apartment but we didn't see Kylie right away so the couch sat happily in the bed of the truck for a day or two.  Finally, we were headed to Kylie right after a quick trip to pumpkin patch/corn maze.  This corn maze was legit.  It was huge and very easy to get lost.  Jules and Owen took the short path but my kids wanted to do the big one. We were almost through when the wind started picking up and the corn stalks started swaying.  I looked up and for sure a monsoon was just minutes from hitting us.  The corn maze was our last part of the adventure so we booked it out of the maze just as the clouds let loose.  We were soaked on the way to the car.  I just kept thinking the couch is getting wet!

We said goodbye to Jules with a quick text message and drove as fast as we could to get out of the rain as soon as possible.  We only had to drive for about 10 minutes to get out of the storm, monsoons are nice like that, but the couch was pretty wet.

We made it to Kylie's apartment and loaded the kids inside with a show.  Then the two of us stared at the large, wet couch trying to decide if we could truly lug it up the stairs to her apartment.  I think we could have done it, but right then the missionaries stopped by.  And not just one set, three sets of missionaries.  They offered to carry our couch up for them.  Who could deny them an opportunity to serve?!  So the couch was safely brought upstairs, the cushions were laid on the patio to dry and the adventure was overall very successful.

Brad and Jules hosted a very fun and very well attended Halloween party.  They have a great group of people in their area.  So we got everyone dressed up, enjoyed some great food and then went trick or treating around their neighborhood.  Here's our costumes for the year.  The kids weren't up for a theme this year so everyone chose their own getup.

Scarlet as Sofia the First

Rhode as Abraham Lincoln

Asher as the Red Power Ranger

I went as Liv from iZombie

And then there was the cutest chipmunk of all time, our Jude

Kylie and Stephen went back a few decades and came as Zach and Kelly from Saved by the Bell

But the true winners were the Brad Earl family, the Three Amigos

The trip was so perfect we are hoping to reenact it next year!

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