Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September 2015

While we were off jet setting like the fancy free couple we were pretending to be, something had to be done about our brood at home.  So, if you skip back a few posts and remind yourself how much Kylie and her brand new husband were indebted to us, here is where we break even.

Kylie and Stephen lived in our apartment for the summer and we had not enough fabulous weeks of fun, food, and more fun.  While we were attending John and Ashleigh Marsh's wedding reception in St. George, I made my move.  I asked Kylie and Stephen whether they would be willing to watch our children for a week while we traipsed off to South America.  At this point I don't think I mentioned that it would also be the first few days of school for my children at a brand new school... must have slipped my mind.  I distinctly remember Stephen looking at me with those honest eyes of his and saying, "Kacey, after everything you have done for us, we would be honored to do that for you."  What a guy.

Kylie told me later that after I walked off, he turned to her and said, "Wait, what did we just agree to do?!"  

They did a great job with our kids and even got them to school on time in their full new uniforms.

My kids transferred to American Preparatory Academy this year.  It is a charter school located about 35 minutes away from my house (that part was hard).  But I was really happy with their structure and curriculum.  They have another campus closer to our house so I decided to put in a year at their far campus in hopes of being able to switch to the closer one the following year.  It was a lot of driving.

Scarlet started 3rd grade with Ms. Lewis.  

Rhode started 1st grade with Ms. Fernando and ended the year with Ms. Beatty after Ms. Fernando had a baby.

Asher started preschool at Paradise Park Community Center.

September is also our month of birthday boys!  Rhode turned 7 and Jude turned 2!  Both boys had fun parties at home full of fun gifts.  The highlight and most prized gift was Rhode's fishing pole.  Asher has us promised many  many time that he will also get a fishing pole when he turns 7, or sooner if possible.  

As is tradition, we dressed up as pirates and got a boatload of free donuts from Krispy Kremes.  The best quote of the day came from Rhode, "Mom, I had to wear Scarlet's leggings... but she said these were her most boyish pair!"

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