Friday, January 30, 2015

2015 Started... around January I think

January in Pictures

Asher hanging out with the Coca Cola Bear.  We love our mystery shops there.

 We went out to Thai food one night while babysitting Sydnee Rosenlof.  It was a new restaurant I got a groupon for.  The food was good but we were right next to a TV that played two K pop videos on loop and both were pretty inappropriate.  Add that to the Christian Rock music playing... it was an odd combo.  But... good food.
 Sometimes I think my kids are cute enough that we should take selfies too like everyone else.  They usually turn out looking like this.

One of Jon's construction clients is a gelato store.  They make beautiful gelato flower cones.  They have treated our family to dessert more than once and it is always amazing.  p.s.  Asher has a bandaid in the middle of his forehead because of a scab right between his eyes that he couldn't stop scratching.  It was about three months old before we finally resorted to the band aid.

 Jude's face looking ridiculously messy.  He probably enjoyed something extra delicious.

We had a house cleansing and sold all of my fabric collection in a big garage sale.  We earned enough money from the sale to buy our Cowabunga Bay summer water park passes.  And hopefully the supplies went to happy homes where people will actually use it!

Scarlet's school hosted a daddy daughter dance.  Jon and Scarlet had a great time.  Scarlet remembers "they had a huge party favor table that went all the way across the gym.  And they had a DJ and there were disco lights at the top.  And they also had a station where you would take funny things and you could take funny pictures with your dad.  All my friends from school were there.  They had a 'dad break' and all the girls were dancing in a circle.


But dad was double booked that night, so after Scarlet got home, Jon took me out to a night at La Reve.  His clients had given him tickets, one of our first ever Las Vegas hook ups.  Afterward their friend, who performed in the show, met us and took us around backstage.  It was a fantastic evening.

Oh Jude, so cute.

Scarlet has been a lot braver in her hair styles this year.  She has also made a stronger effort to keep it regularly brushed so it doesn't get as tangly.  One day she asked if I could do the same hairstyle as the girl on her shirt.  It turned out super cute.

So we did it one other time.  Hard to resist that much cuteness.

I had a mystery shop at a breakfast buffet and invited Rhode as my date.  He was the perfect gentleman and a great dining buddy.  We ate very well.

I also got to hop along at one of Rhode's field trips this year.  We went to the Las Vegas Natural History Museum.  It is... not the best Natural History Museum in the world but the kids had a great time.  I am pretty sure there were as many adults as kids there so there wasn't much for me to do but enjoy.

And more Jude... love that kid.

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