Sunday, May 5, 2013

Adventhure is out there!

It started out innocently enough with a simple pizza dinner.  

It was followed by a frantic search through the kitchen, looking for our newly missing object that was hopefully somewhere on the floor and not traveling down a digestive tract.

Yes.  Scarlet lost her front tooth.  It thankfully turned up on the floor and was safely secured for the tooth fairy.  And now we are graced with this lovely toothless grin every day.

The gap was quickly followed by a slight toothless lisp that is oh so 6 year old charmingly adorable.

But... when we are having a good case of morning hair...

or... as above... when we are temporarily permitted to try our hand at doing our own hair...

she frequently reminds me of this adorable little girl. 

She used to oblige me when I asked her repeatedly to say, "Adventure is out there!"  She now ignores me.  Boo..

And, just as we are getting used to her new look, the one next door is quickly threatening to follow suit.  The loose tooth is driving her dad absolutely mad, and it is taking all of his self control not to reach in as she sleeps and just end the tooth of its half life misery.  But Scarlet is very patient when it comes to her loose teeth.  She doesn't really bother them, letting them fall out at their own pace.

"Scarlet,"  I commented yesterday, "I am so surprised you don't like wiggling your loose tooth!  I remember when I used to have loose teeth that were even just a little bit wiggly I would just sit there all day long wiggling that thing until it finally came out."

Mustering up her best voice of exasperation, she responded, "Mom, I have a lot to do everyday.  I don't have time to just sit there and tooth wiggle all day long.  When would I get anything done?"

**** Update ****

After hanging on by a thread for probably a week, the other front tooth is now also gone.  Because of the big gaps in her teeth, it looks like she is missing four teeth instead of just two.  I love how it makes her look so big and so little all at the same time.  They grow up so fast!  (small tear.)


Kendall said...

She's way too old! Part of me wants her to stay young forever and the other part of me wants her to grow up even faster so we can be best friends already...

Campbell Family said...

Okay... so I'm finally getting around to blogging AND catching up on other people's blogs and I might be the last person to know that you're pregnant! Yay!!!! So excited for you! And exactly one month due after me! And we have the same sexes now, so who knows if our "surprises" will be the same?!? That might be just too much to ask for. The suspense is killing me! Hopefully we'll get to see you before the babies are here so we can take belly shots with our three (six) others standing by... too funny. Congrats again! oh... and congrats to Scarlet on her missing teeth :)

Kristy said...

It should be a crime you posted this without video of Scarlet's new "Thindy" lisp.