Sunday, April 28, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter can be divided into two parts this year.  The part where I was there, and the part where I wasn't.  Jon and I had the bad timing of leaving our children on the weekend of Easter with my dear friend, Mindy who agreed to watch all six of our combined children, including her 6 week old daughter.  That sounds like she would have somehow had the option of not watching her daughter... but mostly it just needed to be pointed out how awesome she is for agreeing to this crazy situation.

Not only did Mindy handle the vast load of children we have somehow collected over the years, but she went above and beyond the call.

They went on outings... several outings.

Six kids under six at Winco...

They even took the whole crew out to eat.... twice.

Then... she tackled all of the Bunny traditions for all of the children.  I contributed a few items for the baskets but didn't even have time to do anything but put them in a pathetic pile for her.  She turned them into baskets, hid them around the house, made the kids wait at the door before going searching so she could take an "anticipation" picture for my enjoyment,

then took a picture once they succeeded in finding their treasure,

and then took the whole crew to the park to enjoy their new treasures.

And here's the real kicker. 

The day before I left on my trip, I tried desperately to whip out two grey ties for my boys so they would have matching Easter ties with Scarlet's dress that I had previously made.  I couldn't find the fabric ANYWHERE!  It was driving me crazy, but I just gave up and moved on.

I get a text on Saturday saying that Mindy had not only found my fabric but had then whipped out two ties for me so they would be ready for my boys when I got home for Easter Sunday.


So not only did my family have a fantastic time in my absence with fun and friends galore, but I was able to wake up Sunday morning and dress all of my kids in their matching Easter wear.  Which totally made my day.

My lovely lady

My tie bedecked boys


Nielsen Family Easter 2013

We made our resurrection rolls Sunday morning and had a chance to talk about the story of the Resurrection while they baked.  It is so fun to see them remembering the story on their own and answering questions.

As a small token of my appreciation, we hosted Easter Dinner.  We had our family tradition of Gyros and french fries along with some deviled eggs from the Warrens.  I ate so much it almost killed me.  And then I ate one more deviled egg for good measure.

Happy Easter everyone!


Heidi Noel said...

Someday I wanna be like Mindy. She is amazing!

Mindy said...

Too funny. Kacey can make anyone look fabulous. :D It was a fun weekend.