Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dance Recital #2

Oh dance, such a large part of my life. It is almost too much trying to start the whole dance experience over again with Scarlet. I am afraid of studios, knowing too much about the whole process and being destined to be a horribly annoying parent with too many unwanted opinions about everything. The rec center seemed a safe alternative this year, my expectations would be low along with the price (it is easier to complain less when the price is right).

It turned out pretty well. Scarlet attended Miss Lori's class once a week for the entire school year. For their final semester, the classes ordered costumes and had their final recital at an outdoor theater so it felt a little more real. They took class pictures in their frilly pink outfits and we prepared for the final day.

I was definitely underwhelmed with Scarlet's dance. I love watching dance and I think my daughter is so fantastic I could watch her do just about anything and even I was a tad bit bored by the choreography. But, I just stacked that one under 'things I am being too picky about' and moved on.

There was also a little concern on my part as to how Scarlet was going to perform. She had rough go at the winter recital and had never actually tried a full on stage before. But, pre-show she didn't seem nervous. I was feeling pretty good about things after she hammed up her dance recital photo shoot.

Rhode was really feeling left out during most of the afternoon. Scarlet got to wear curlers, makeup, hairbows... Rhode is still convinced boys get the short end of the stick when it comes to allowed accessories. He really tried to get me to let him go dressed like this.

He was vetoed without too much drama though.

Sadly, the final recital was my last straw. There is only so much bad dance one person can stand. It was long and then somehow longer. I found myself dozing off... at my daughters dance recital! So not like me. Even pregnant me.

But anyway, Scarlet performed like a pro. No fear, eyes on the teacher, and even got a move or two going in the right direction.

It has been a great year for Scarlet. She has come into her own, discovered how brave she really is, and just goes after things. It has been so fun to watch.

But, needless to say, I am officially stepping away from rec center dance. We will be trying out a few studios this summer and then picking one for the fall. Let the tongue biting and comment swallowing begin!

And the final performances:


Mindy said...

I am so glad you are willing to take us along with you. I would not be able to sit through another performance. Scarlet did so well with what she was given. She looks adorable in the costume. I'm so excited for this next year!

Kylie said...

You can tell its a rec center recital when the hair instructions appear to be "get that bow in their somehow".

Scarlet is by far the best one up there! She gets her star quality from me. love ya!

Kristy said...

Scarlet always takes the best pictures. She gets that from me.

Katie said...

She is precious. Question: Why are you not opening your own dance studio? It seems to me that would eliminate the problem of poor choreography. Just saying . . .