Monday, May 23, 2011

Reasons to Regret Your Mother Keeping a Blog...

Rhode loves to ask questions. Our very repeated conversation goes like this:

Mom, what is -insert random item- ?

I then answer

Mom, I lub -insert random item-! - stated very very enthusiastically.

Turns out he loves many things he is not actually able to identify by himself. But, well, this one is my absolute favorite. Sorry future Rhode, had to be written.

Rhode: Mom, what is this? (pointing to his chest while changing into clothes in the morning)

Mom: Well, that is your nipple.

Rhode: Mom, I lub mipples!

Mom: You do?

Rhode: Yes! Look I have two mipples!

Mom: Yes, you do have two.

Rhode: Mom, what I do with mipples? I pinch them? (he then demonstrates how this, in theory, would go)

Mom: No you don't need to pinch them. They are just... there.

Rhode: Oh... but I lub mipples mom.

Might have been an interesting word to teach him, but I would still rather him going around talking about his mipples than his lower extremity, which he claims is getting too big for his underwear.

Two year olds are fun.


Campbell Family said...

Thanks for the midnight laugh :)

Heidi Noel said...

Haha! I needed that moment.

Mindy said...

That is awesome. So many things in his future ran through my mind. I lub your kids. :D

Kimmy said...

That's awesome!!

Kristy said...

I love Rhode and I love that this is permanently on the internet to blackmail him when he gets older. I'm going to be a wonderful Aunt.

Peggy Dee said...

Thanks for that laugh. I needed it!

Stephanie said...

lol OH my gosh, that kills me.. what fun kids you must have!

Brandon and Emily Esparza said...

I too agrees that nipples are much better to talk about! Easton goes around using politically correct terms as his dad teaches health he couldn't possible say something else. Boys are soo much fun!

Miranda said...

Growing up before the explosion of blogs, our biggest worry was our parents sharing baby pictures with our new love interests...Boy, this generation has so much more to worry about! Thanks for the laugh, Kacey!