Thursday, March 24, 2011

Recent Discoveries

I have recently discovered that even in my mature late twenties, I still occasionally have the sense of humor of a 10 year old boy.

My children love Capn' Crunch cereal and all they had ever had was the non-berry kind (it's always on sale). They call them Captain Squares. A few days ago, a box of Oops All Berries was on sale and my kids were thrilled. They kept asking me when they could go to bed so it would be morning and they could have their new cereal. They refer lovingly to their new favorite bowl of sugar as Captain Balls. Seriously, it has been a week now and I still giggle every time I hear, "Mom, I want Captain Balls for breakfast," or "Mom, these Captain Balls are so delicious! Thank you for buying us balls!"

I have recently discovered my daughter embracing her role as oldest girl more and more, while also sharing some of her newly Sunbeam knowledge with her friends.

While settling an argument with a few close buddies one day (I believe someone wanted the door shut to their play area which is not allowed), we heard Scarlet's voice come screaming out of the hallway. "Guys! We are NOT allowed to shut the door! Blaze, do you even know Heavenly Father? Do you guys know Joseph Smith? Do you guys even know Jesus?" Still not really sure the connection between all of the thoughts but we were dying just a little bit from the other end of the house. I then remembered the time I slapped a boy across the face in 4th grade for taking the Lord's name in vain... yup, pretty sure she is mine.

I have recently discovered that the new Costco hot dogs are not nearly as delicious as their predecessors. What I have not discovered is another quick outing lunch for my family that costs $1.50 and occasionally includes a freshly dipped ice cream bar for the same deliciously low price.

I have recently discovered the answer to a mystery every mom of little boys has wondered. You know how little boys tend to have the most beautiful long eyelashes? And you know how you occasionally wonder what those long, luscious lashes would look like with a little mascara? Well, it turns out, they look really good, disturbingly good actually. Before you think I am forcefully turning my my son into a cross dresser, let me explain.

It all started the other day when Rhode spent a little too much time upstairs being quiet. All mothers know what that means. The "bad choice" item happened to be my makeup bag. He didn't go for the blush or the lipstick as I would have guessed. He went for the mascara. I walked into find this.

The best part: while one eye was incredibly smeared, the other eye was applied beautifully. Hilarious and disturbing all at the same time...

I did my best to rub it off with some baby wipes but he had black tinted eyelashes with a slightly black line under his eye for the rest of the day. Jon, without know about the previous experience, commented on how awesome Rhode's eyes were looking all of a sudden.

I also recently discovered that with very little encouragement from me and only slightly more encouragement from relatives, my kids have become BYU fans. Their alum parents haven't mentioned a word about needing to support the blue and white today, but somehow my kids got the message anyway.


Katie said...

I don't know what's the most impressive: Rhode's stellar mascara application skills or Scarlet's stellar call to repentance. Your kids are so awesome.

Gui said...

Scarlet was awesome. I also loved how all the kids still ignored her and continued to try to shut the door. It was brave of her to stand up the her friends like that and call them to repentance. I almost feel bad for putting her in that situation, but in our house we have an open door policy for a reason. Only bad choices are mad behind closed doors, especially when my Jane is involved.

Kendall said...

Yes, Scarlet certainly is her mother's daughter! What a hoot!!

Kendall said...

That was from me, Mom, not Kendall.

Kristy said...

Looks like Rhode is much better at applying mascara then his Uncle Bryan.