Sunday, February 13, 2011

You said it when you were three, so it counts

Scarlet loves to talk about her future. She dreams and fantasizes of all of the amazing things that will be as soon as she is "4 then 5 then 6 then 7 then 8 then...." you get the point.

But the part that really makes me laugh is, the life she dreams about is the life she sees me living on a daily basis. Not that my life isn't great, quite the opposite actually, but some of the life moments she is looking forward to are definitely not nearly as glamorous as I must make them look.

First and foremost, she is ready to be a mom. Like now, if she had her way.


- She wants 5 babies... or 26 depending on the day

- The baby names change frequently, but they usually go a little like this, "I am going to name the girl baby Try-nah and the boy baby Kah-lay. Are those good names mom?"

"Sure Scarlet, you can name your babies whatever you want. (And so far none of them have been anything resembling an actual existing name) What are you going to name the other three?"

That is when, no matter what name she started out with, she then starts rhyming.

"Umm, I think Bah-lay, Dah-lay, and Mah-lay and Hah-lay..." until she runs out of consonants. Can you imagine trying to call all of those kids to the dinner table? And I thought five girls with the same first initial got confusing...

She now realizes that we do expect her to have a husband before all of this baby action and she immediately nomiated Rhode. Though I was truly flattered she liked her brother enough to nominate him, we steered her clear of the incest route. Since dad (her second choice) was already claimed, she was perplexed.

"Mom, who is left to marry?"

"Well, Scarlet, someday when you are bigger you will meet a boy who isn't in your family that you can marry."

"Like Bennett and Blaze? (The current best guy buds)"

"Yes, a friend like them when you are older."

"Hmmm, I pick Bennett. He will want to marry me."

Or now, I guess. Sorry Blaze, you did have a fighting chance and you are the same age... but you are shorter than her. Now that the groom has been chosen, the bride has been fervently planning the big day:

- So far, she would like to be married in the Salt Lake Temple like her mom and dad

or the Excalibur, both "castles", one just more regularly visible to the bride-to-be.

- She would like a bouquet of pink roses just like the picture of flowers on the tag of her new church dress. She asked me to hold onto the tag so I didn't forget which ones to get.

- At first, she insisted on wearing my wedding dress and was overjoyed when I gave her permission to wear the gown on her special day. But lately, after viewing my mad sewing skills (I recently made a very skilled sock monkey) she has deemed me ready for the most important job of all, making her a wedding dress. I accepted and she insisted we begin immediately. After a long chat about her height now and her height when she would be marrying age, we agreed to hold off on the wedding dress sewing until she was six.

And after entering the world of wedded bliss, she is even more excited for the events to follow:

"Mom, when I am big, can I cook dinner for you?"

Um, yes. Definitely yes.

"Mom, when I am big, can I do your 'mom' cleaning jobs?"

Scarlet you don't even have to wait to get married to enjoy that priviledge.

"Mom, will I be able to use the laundry machine when I am big like you?"

Mom is counting down the days...

"Mom, can I take care of you when I am bigger and you are little like me?"

Not so sure about my shrinking.. but I am in either way.

Who knew I made 'mom' seems so desirable?

My little mini-mom is already on the fast track to developing her mom traits. She loves to help out in the kitchen, she helps her brother do everything from pouring a glass of milk to getting in his pjs at night. She loves to inform her friends in her most matronly tone when they are making a bad choice and Rhode now has two women watching his every move. Poor kid.

But I can't help but hope (even if I have a long way to go) that her desires won't change too much as she gets older. Hopefully with these requests now in writing, she will be held to those well planned choices for a few decades or so. Can I make her sign this or something?


Stephanie Kay Moore said...

This is priceless. I am so glad you blogged it, so that she can someday read it.

Samantha said...

Oh Kacey, my Kate is so like your Scarlet. Except the milk pouring thing. That's not happening for A WHILE. But Kate says things like, "mom, when I'm a mom can I put my kids in time out?" or "Mom when I'm a mom I'm going to eat gum too just like you!" It's always the most random things.

Tiffany Fackrell said...

i loved this! Cambree is constantly asking if she gets to do those things when she is a mom too. and she wants to have babies. she always says, "when i am a mom, i'll have a baby in my tummy!" This age is so fun. I feel bad for Bridge too...he has two moms!!

Campbell Family said...

Seriously Kacey, you win the "best blogger award" :) Johanna is just like that too, but she has had her husband picked out for about a year now, and she's already developing jealousies when he plays with other girls. Oh boy.

Bryan said...

Well who can blame her with such a great mom for an example! I wonder if Bennett knows that Scarlet has their life planned already? She is too cute!!

Bryan said...

That was from me (Mom, Peggy.) I didn't know Bryan was signed in. I find that annoying when that happens. Oh well. I'm sure Bryan was thinking the same thing as me!

Katie said...

So precious. I think it's a true sign that you are an amazing mom when Scarlet is desperate to become just like you. Too cute!

stout family said...

Way to go Scarlet! Way to make a life plan! Now we just need to get you a copy of the picture Bennett drew of he and scarlet getting married...that would be the topper! LOVE that Charlie is throwing some sort of a fit in the picture!

Cassidy said...

She is hilarious!!! I'm glad you are writing this down.

Earl Family said...

Oh Kacey. That is just hilarious. :)

I can't thank you enough for letting us crash at your house. It was so great getting to know your children. Thanks for the fantastic visit and the fresh fruit :)