Sunday, September 5, 2010

So, what exactly is a Suda-Duda?

That is the mystery of the Nielsen household these days. Scarlet was really into listening to "Single Ladies" a month or two ago and, during one of her 'ask a million question' sessions, she said, "mom, I'm a suda-duda!"

Gibberish it was not. Suda-duda has a very defined definition and set of characteristics... I just can't figure out what they are.

Here is what I have deduced through some subtle detective work so far

1 - When Scarlet has her hair done especially pleasingly, she looks just like a suda-duda

2 - When Scarlet is in her princess finest, including heels and crown, she also resembles said suda-duda

3 - Suda-dudas do not act like babies, they do big girl things and don't whine

4 - When you are married, you are no longer a suda-duda, but occasionally if mom is having an especially good hair day, she gets to be an honorary suda-duda.

Suda-duda has been dropped into casual conversation regularly at our house. She just throws it around at anyone who walks into the door, "Ashley you look like a suda-duda today!" and then walks away leaving the recipient of the high honor confused as to whether to be flattered or very offended.

I... don't get it.

But I did get to celebrate my non-suda duda status on Friday for my 5th wedding anniversary.

Five years was a big number for Jon and I. When we first got married, we promised each other that we would not be Las Vegas lifers. We gave ourselves five years to figure out what the future held for us and move on from the desert.

We are still here. But, in our defense we are doing a lot of future figuring out. We have extended the deadline another two years (when Scarlet starts kindergarten) to get the heck out of dodge. Now we are accountable not only to each other but all 5 of my blog readers. Guys, I'm counting on you!

I have always said, and will continue to always believe that God has a very real sense of humor. Missing our 'leave the state' goal brought two very interesting new situations into our lives

1 - Our three year old air conditioner bit the dust. Big time. We were told there was no reason for it to shut down, being as young as it is, it is just a dud. Great timing huh? Right before Labor Day weekend... our house is just one step below sweltering. Fall, it is time to come and it is time to come now. Ya hear?

2 - Jon got a phone call from our brand new Stake President who asked for a meeting the day after our anniversary. After a brief meet and greet, Jon was called to be the new Stake Young Men's President. I don't think I have ever seen my husband shell shocked.

His first comment to me was, "I have NO idea what a Stake Young Men's President does."

But he is excited. He is really sad to have to leave the young men in our ward but hopefully he will still get to work with them a lot.

And lastly, we have finally moved our home de/construction to the front of the house. Hopefully the finished product will be documented soon. But last night, we permanently left our mark on our home.


Peggy Dee said...

Happy Anniversary! Jon will do a great job in Stake YM but I feel bad for the boys in your ward who will lose him. Ask Scarlet if Grandma could ever be a Suda-Duda or is it too late for me? I love that girl! So, so sorry about your AC. It's very pleasant at our home right now - both inside and out. I'm just sayin...

Kendall said...

I want to be a suda-duda!!

Sam and Rachel said...

So funny about the suda duda. Christine does the same thing. She always wants to visit this mysterious place thing called a Taxio. As far as we can tell it's something like a castle, but not a castle, and it resembles some of the mansion homes up on the benches of the mountains. Funny kids! I hear you with wanting to move on from where you are at. We never intended to live in UT for so
long, but we're still here. Hang in there and the Lord
will open the right doors for you. Tell Jon good luck with his new calling, and happy anniversary. Seems like just last year we were celebrating your wedding on temple square. Time certainly flies!

Earl Family said...

I want to be a suda-duda too!

Every time I read your blog I am so envious of your writing skills. You amaze me. You really do.

Katie said...

New life goal: Meet Scarlet and have her refer to me as a Suda-Duda. I feel your pain regarding the AC issue. Been there, done that. Be thankful Las Vegas isn't humid! Congrats on 5 years =-)

Courtney said...

I may be married, and there are days (many of them) that my hair doesn't look great, but I really want to be a suda-duda too!

Samantha and Tyrel Ross said...

So cute!! I love the things that come out of kids mouths!!

Angie Larkin said...

You make me laugh. John is so awesome with those boys. I love how no wimpiness or slovenly-ness is allowed! Good for him. I bet you are lovin' this rain today eh?!

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

I have refrained from commenting because I was trying to be clever and think of something super cool to say back and then I realized I am not the clever or super cool. So, Happy Anniversary. I can see Scarlet explaining her suda duda now and I can tell I obviously don't fit in that category! Congrats on the continuing to remodel. I can not wait to see the update. I think Ty, Emree, and I might take you up on your vegas offer and stay at your house in December? If the offer still stands that is.