Sunday, June 27, 2010

They Make Me Laugh...

I try to stop myself from just outright laughing at my kids and their craziness all day long. But almost every evening, as I relate my day to my very attentive husband (he usually laughs at the right moments at least) I have at least one thing to share that makes us both chuckle.

Here's a few of our more recent laughable moments:

1) Scarlet is now afraid of things. She has discovered the world of pretend and monsters. It is now a big deal if everyone heads upstairs and leaves her downstairs by herself because of the many creatures that just might get her. The invisible monstrosities usually include tigers, witches, and the occasional vague monster. But the other day, her imaginary fear was just too much.

Mom: Scarlet, go upstairs and go potty so you can get ready for bed.

Scarlet: (delaying in every possible manner)

Mom: (getting frustrated) Scarlet, you get upstairs right now threat threat, warning warning blah blah

Scarlet: But mom, if I go upstairs the giant is going to get me!

(What? I really couldn't help but respond..)

Mom: Scarlet, the only giant in the house is at the foot of the stairs telling you to go get it bed. And believe me, you do not want to make this giant more mad at you.

Seriously, my kid? Afraid of giants? Be careful about looking in the mirror in ten years babe.

2) I spent a long day at a dance event yesterday. Jon spent the afternoon with the kids and took them swimming. Then they came and picked me up. Jon loaded all my stuff while the kids ran wild in the lobby. Rhode was wearing only swim shorts, no shirt. He came up to me with wide eyes and said, "mama! Pee pee!" Not an uncommon thing. He likes to inform me when he is peeing in his diaper. He is not really interested in putting said pee in the potty... so anyway, I told him that was great.

A few minutes later, he said "mama! pee pee! shoe!" I looked down out of curiosity only to find a stream of liquid coming from his shorts, down his leg, and into his sandal. He wasn't wearing a diaper! Not even a swim one! I was very impressed with the verbal skills of one of the boys in my family.
3) Scarlet is a dress wearing fiend. She has taken the summer dress with leggings look and made it her one obsession. I used to think it was so odd when I would hear of girls who complained about wearing shorts and jeans. Now I have one. It's a dress or it's a battle.

a) Her first funny dressing quirk is her differencing between a skirt, a dress, and a long shirt. Dresses are the best, skirts are pretty good, and long shirts are only acceptable on rare occasions. How does she categorize them you may ask? Well. Skirts require finding a shirt to match them and mom doesn't have the same opinions on coordinating. Scarlet believes pink skirts match pink shirts... shade of pink or any other pattern matter little. On the days where daddy lets her dress herself, she usually looks really good.

The difference between a long shirt with leggings and a dress with leggings is quite simple in her mind. Dresses spin. Long shirts do not. If it doesn't spin, she is not really interested.

b) Now that she has determined her outfits of choice, Sundays have become a whole new day of battle. Why, you ask? Because we don't wear leggings with our Sunday dressed.

"But mom, my legs! They are so cold!"

In 110 degree weather?

"But mom, everyone will see my panties!"

Then stop sitting spread eagle in Sacrament meeting

"But mom, I just really like having my pants!"

It's a rough life kid.

4) Our best story of the month was actually in Moses Lake. We had a few hours to kill one day so Jon, Kristy, the kids and I packed up a picnic and took it out to the state park. Scarlet and Rhode spent about ten minutes on the play equipment before begging for food. I figured it was going to be a quick trip if they were already bored of the toys. We took them down to the lake shore for a quick look before we left. They were greeted by a very large, very dead, and very stinky fish to the far side of the wading area.

An hour later, we were still there. Why, you ask? Well, turns out my children, 50% are petrified of even the sight of the ocean, have no objections with green lake water and nearby rotting fish corpses.

No swim clothes, no towels, no clean clothes to change into. We were left with few options as to how to get our muddy, sandy, lake stinky kids home.

Ha ha, that one still makes me laugh.

Of course, everything seems a lot funnier after they have gone to bed. :)
*** ignore these repeat pictures. I can't get them off!!!


Cassidy said...

hahahaa. Kids are so funny. The way you tell them are the best. Super cute kids.

Kristy said...

Best Stripper Outfit Award goes to Scarlet.

Campbell Family said...

That picture of Scarlet in her car seat makes me laugh too! So funny! I love this age! You are so lucky that Rhode knows when he's peeing, Emerson still has no idea but he always seems to pee on Chase when he's running around naked :)

Peggy Dee said...

Thanks for the good laugh. What a hoot!!! Can't wait to see you guys.

narrators: c and p said...

First off, I love Scarlet's short 'do. Probably old news, but we are still internet slackers and hadnt seen it. Second, I love the nakey carseat photo/story (though Scarlet may one day kill you for posting it)!

Stacie said...

Ha! The naked pic made me laugh out loud! I can totally tell that will be one of Scarlet's favorites when she's older!